Places to eat in Las Vegas

Places to eat in Las Vegas - Restaurants in Las Vegas

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CCheeseburger At The Oasis
Desert Passage at the Aladdin
3663 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109br> 702.735-8600

Restaurant Phone
Aureole /td> 702-632-7401
Courtyard Grille 702-894-7532
Coyote Cafe & Grill Room 702-891-7777
House of Blues 702-632-7000
La Rotisserie des Artistes 702-967-7999
Onda 702-791-7223
Planet Hollywood 702-791-STAR
Postrio 702-796-1110
Rainforest Cafe 702-891-8580
Sam's American 702-693-7223
Star Canyon 702-414-3772
William B's Steakhouse 702-732-6228
Bob Taylor's Original Ranch House 702-645-1399
All Star Cafe 702-795-TEAM
Emeril's New Orleans Fish House 702-891-7374
Harley Davidson Cafe 702-740-4555
Monte Carlo Pub/Brewery 702-730-7777
Motown Cafe 702-740-6969
Alan Albert's 702-795-4006
Aqua 702-693-7223
Bally's Steakhouse 702-739-4111
Blackstone's Steakhouse 702-730-7777
Conrad's 702-733-3131
Elements 702-785-5555
Hungry Hunter 702-873-0433
Kokomo's Steak & Seafood 702-791-7223
Kristofer's 702-794-9233
La Rotisserie des Artistes 702-967-7999
Lobster House 702-740-4430
Luxor Steak House 702-262-4778
Neros 702-731-7731
Prime 702-693-7223
Rumjungle 702-632-7408
Sacred Sea Room 702-262-4772
Savanna 702-739-2222
Sir Galahad's 702-597-7777
The Embers 702-794-3261
The Range Steakhouse 702-369-5084
The Seahouse Restaurant 702-731-3311
Top of the World 702-380-7711
William B's Steakhouse 702-732-6228
Zeffirino 702-414-3500
Bob Taylor's Original Ranch House 702-645-1399
Smith & Wollensky 702-862-4100
Emeril's New Orleans Fish House 702-891-7374
Gallagher's Steakhouse 702-740-6969
Wild Bills Saloon & Steakhouse 702-597-7777
Asia 702-369-5000
Chang's 702-739-4111
Chin Chin 702-740-6969
Dragon Noodle Company 702-730-7965
Golden Dynasty 702-739-2655
Hamada 702-262-4548
Hamada of Japan 702-733-3455
Hyakumi 702-731-7731
Madame Ching's 702-894-7349
Mikado 702-791-7111
Mizuno's Japanese Steakhouse 702-739-2222
Moongate 702-791-7111
Expensive Papyrus 702-262-4774
Mikado 702-791-7111
Mizuno's Japanese Steakhouse 7702-739-2222
Moongate /td> 702-791-7111
Expensive Papyrus 702-262-4774
Peking Market 702-733-3322

Restaurantb> Phone
Camelot 702-597-7777
Isis 702-262-4773
Michael's 702-737-7111
Pietro's 702-739-2222
Pharaoh's Pheast 702-262-4772
Cafe Andreotti 702-369-5000
Francesco's 702-894-7111
Market City Caffee 702-730-7966
Onda 702-791-7223
Piero's Restaurant 702-369-2305
Regale Italian Eatery 702-597-7777
Ristorante Italiano 702-794-9363
Spago 702-369-6300
Stivali 702-691-5820
Terrazza 702-731-7731
Trattoria del Lupo 702-740-5522
Tremezzo  702-785-9013
Valentino and P.S. Italian Grill 702-414-3000
Fellini's Italian Dining - The Strip 702-380-7777
Olio! 702-891-7775
Il Fornaio Cucina Italiana 702-740-6969
Lance-A-Lotta Pasta 702-597-7777
Wolfgang Puck Cafe 702-891-7777
Buccaneer Bay Club 702-894-7223
Drai's 702-737-0555
Eiffel Tower Restaurant 702-946-7000
Gatsby's 702-891-7337
Isis 702-262-4773
Le Cirque 702-693-7111
Le Provencal 702-967-9999
Lutece 702-414-2220
Michael's 702-737-7111
Neyla 702-736-2100
Olives  702-693-7223
Pietro's 702-739-2222
Pinot Brasserie 702-414-8888
Renoir 702-791-7223
Savanna 702-739-2222
Seasons 702-739-4651
WB Stage 16 702-414-1699
Andre's French Restaurant 702-730-7955
Monte Carlo Pub & Brewery 702-730-7777
Wolfgang Puck Cafe 702-891-7777
Calypsos 702-739-2222
Nile Deli 702-262-4772
Player's Deli 702-739-2222
Pyramid Cafe 702-262-4772
Sherwood Forest Cafe 702-597-7777
Stage Deli Express  702-891-7777
Studio Cafe 702-891-7777
Gourmet Champagne Brunch 702-739-2222
Island Buffet 702-739-2222
Round table Buffet 702-597-7777
Teahouse & Imperial Buffet 702-731-3311
Shintaro 702-693-7223
Royal Star 702-414-1888

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Las Vegas Restaurants - Places to Eat in Vegas

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