Entertainment in St. Maarten


Entertainment in St. Maarten - Things to see and do in St. Maarten

In Philipsburg, visit the Simartn Museum, in a 100-year-old house at 119 Front Street. Its exhibits reflect the island's history and cultural heritage from prehistoric times. The Museum Shop next door features local art and books, and a fine collection of maps of the island and the Eastern Caribbean. On Wathey Square, in the heart of Philipsburg, stands the Old Courthouse, built in 1793. The ground floor now houses the Post Office, where you'll want to buy the colorful local stamps to add to your collection.

North of Philipsburg, above Salt Pond, is the St. Maarten Zoological and Botanical Garden, which exhibits animals and plants of the Caribbean and South America. The zoo has over 250 animals of about 60 different species, including six endangered species such as Bush Dogs, Golden Lion Tamarins, and Scarlet Macaws. The St. Maarten Zoo is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 5:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am until 6:00pm. Please call 32030 for more information.

From Philipsburg's piers, catch one of the boats leaving daily for very elegant, very French St. Barts. The two-hour sail there, often with snacks and drinks, is half the fun. You'll land in St. Barts' capitol, Gustavia, where some of the world's most luxurious yachts are at anchor. After a few hours to explore the island and its exquisite beaches, it's usually a spinnaker run home.

For more information about activities in St. Martin / St. Maarten stop by one of the Tourist Offices : The Dutch office is on Walter Nisbeth Road in Philipsburg (Tel: 22337), and the French office is by the waterfront in Marigot (Tel: 87 57 21).



Orient Beach - Grand Case - The island's most popular beach features a clothing-optional area on one end.
The Butterfly Farm (La Ferme des Papillons), Philipsburg - This popular attraction is home to numerous species of rare butterflies.
12 Metre Challenge, Philipsburg - Visitors can participate in a mini-America's Cup boat race in actual boats from the 1987 competition, including Dennis Conner's famous Stars & Stripes.
Cheri's Cafe - Although not your typical authentic Caribbean bar, Cheri's is one of the most popular nightspots on the island.
St. Maarten Museum, Philipsburg - This small museum, in a converted 1800s house, covers the culture and history of the island.
Loterie Farm - Hiking Trail
Oyster Pond, Marigot - This pristine mile-long beach offers great swimming and scuba diving and is less known than some of the island's more popular beaches.
Sint Maarten Guavaberry Company, Philipsburg - Located in a historic 18th-century building, this company sells a rum-based drink that is very popular among the locals.
Frontstreet, Philipsburg - This crowded street is a popular tourist center for duty-free shopping.
Mosera Fine Arts Gallery, Philipsburg - Owned by Mosera Henry, one of the island's most famous artists, this gallery also features original art by several other artists.
Concordia Hill, Marigot - The site where the Treaty of Concordia was signed in 1648, establishing joint control over the island by the French and Dutch.
Prickly Pear, Marigot - This small pristine tropical island is perfect for a relaxing afternoon of snorkeling.
Sydney's Peace and Love Disco, Grand Case - This popular nightclub features bands specializing in calypso and other Caribbean sounds.
St. Maarten Zoo
Fort Amsterdam - Historic Site
Bimboland - Game/Entertainment Center
Wathey Square , Philipsburg - The unofficial town center, featuring an 18th-century courthouse and a tourist information booth.

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  Things to do in St. Maarten / Saint Martin

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