Entertainment in Brussels


Entertainment in Brussels - Things to do in Brussels

Grand Place (Market place)
Many have said that Brussels boasts the most splendid market square in all of Europe. Grand Places esplanade is mesmerizing and completely enclosed by tall, gabled medieval buildings dripping with ornamentation and statues. French-speakers refer to it as the 'Grand-Place', whereas in Dutch it is called 'de grote Markt'. The tourists of the 20th century are not alone in their admiration.

This monument from 1958 has become the Eiffel Tower of Brussels. The Atomium is the visual representation of the concept of an "atom". It symbolizes an elementary iron crystal with its 9 atoms and magnified 150 billion times. The belgian state plans to invest money to save this symbol.
Eeuwfeestlaan/ Boulevard du Centenaire 1020 Brussels (Laken)
Opening hours
Sept. to March: 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. April to August: 9 a.m. till 8p.m.

Maneken Pis
Manneken Pis represents Brussels' spirit of freedom just as the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty are symbolic to the cities of Paris and New York. The tiny statue was cast in bronze back in 1619 by Jerome Duquesnoy but, unfortunately, that statue was destroyed and another was cast to replace it in 1630. There are many legends about the Manneken. According to one of them a little boy had watered against the door of a witch who lived where the fountain now stands Location
On the corner of Stoofstraat/Rue de L'Etuve and the Eikstraat/Rue du Chêne (At the Grand-Place follow the street on the left side of the town hall)

La bourse (the stock exchange)
Architect Léon Suys designed the stately building La Bourse, the stock exchange, in 1873, in the middle of the new Boulevards connecting the railway stations. The classic style is characterised by six Doric columns in front of the building and different sculptures represent the trade at sea and domestic trade. This points to the function of La Bourse, namely money trading.
H. Mausstraat 2 Rue H. Maus Brussel, 1000

The Sablon Square
The Sablon is one of the most prestigious and attractive areas in Brussels. In recent years it has become the center of the antiques shops and art galleries. The name of this area refers to the time when it was still situated outside of the city walls of the 12th century. It was originally a sandy road along which people had access to the city gates. A visit to WITTAMER, the most exclusive pastry maker in Brussels, is also a must. If you like chocolate, try Pierre Marcolini chocolate shop... he was winner of the World Chocolate Championship.

Mont des arts
The old Mont-des-Arts (Arts Hill) was wholly of stairs, bordered by statues and trees, and connected uptown (Place Royale) and downtown (Grand Place). In 1958, the Mont-des-Arts was reshaped and two enormous, and according to many inhabitants, ugly buildings arose. One is the the Congress Centre, the other one houses the Royal Library Albertinum, where nearly 4 million books are kept. In a part of the library, you can find also an old Dutch Nassau-chapel. Outside Mont-des-Arts there is a big clock with moving statuettes. The chimes in the clock play by turns - and following the good Belgian tradition - a Flemish and a French song.

Palais de Justice
King Leopold II was an ambitious man. He was phenomenally rich (the Congo was his private property - he left the colony to Belgium on his death-bed, which turned our country into the fourth richest in the world!) and tried to turn his capital into the most impressive in the world. He paid for great monuments, such as the Parc du Cinquantenaire, out of his own pocket. One of his favourite architects was Joseph Poelaert (1811-1879), whom he instructed to build a nice Palace of Justice on Galgenveld (Gallows Field, indeed the place where criminals used to be hanged).



Stadhuis/Maison Communale
Start your Brussels tour at the Town Hall
Grote Markt/Grand Place, Brussel, 1000
+32 2 279 43 55

Grote Zavel/Place du Grand Sablon
Elegant upmarket square
Grote Zavel/Grand Sablon, Brussel, 1050

Congreszuil/Colonne du Congrès
A dignified memorial to wars and their victims
Congresplein/Place du Congrès, Brussel, 1000

Jeanneke Pis
Not as famous as her better half
Schuddeveldgang/Impasse Schuddeveld, Brussel, 1000

The heart of Brussels seafood
Sint-Katelijneplein/Place Sainte-Catherine, Brussel, 1000

With bilingual chimes!
Brussel, 1000

Beenhouwersstraat/Rue des Bouchers
The doors are always open
Brussel, 1000

De Beurs/La Bourse
The Stock Exchange
H. Mausstraat 2 Rue H. Maus, Brussel, 1000

Europese Instellingen/Quartier européen
Brussels, capital of Europe
Brussel, 1000
+32 2 284 21 11 (Europees Parlement/Hémicycle européen)

De Marollen/Les Marolles
The real Brussels
Brussel, 1000

Evrard 't Serclaes
A local hero - and a good luck charm
Grote Markt 8 Grand Place, Brussel, 1000

Manneken Pis
A wee boy who attracts attention from all
Rue de L'Etuve/Stoofstraat, Brussel, 1000
Castles, Palaces and Historic Buildings
Egmontpaleis/Palais d'Egmont
Meeting point for foreign heads of state
Kleine Zavel 8 Place du Petit Sablon, Brussel, 1000

Grote Markt/Grand Place
Most splendid and mesmerizing square
Grote Markt/Grand Place, Brussel, 1000

Justitiepaleis/Palais de Justice
Gargantuan, elephantine - a great building
Poelaertplein/Place Poelaert, Brussel, 1000
+32 2 508 65 78

Brussels Nightlife

A La Mort Subite
The real thing
Warmoesberg 7 rue Montagne-aux-Herbes-Potagères, Brussel, 1000
+32 2 513 13 18

Le Greenwich
Chess-players are real people!
Kartuizersstraat 7 rue des Chartreux, Brussel, 1000
+32 2 511 41 67

De Dolle Mol
Traditional 'brown' bar
Spoormakersstraat 52 Rue des Eperonniers, Brussel, 1000
+32 2 513 54 89

Bar Llanes
Nice Spanish bar
Kolenmarkt 88 rue du Marché aux Choux, Brussel, 1000

AB Café
Pop Temples bar
Steenstraat 23 rue des Pierres, Brussel, 1000
+32 2 548 24 55

De Markten
HQ of Flemish life in Brussels
Oude Graanmarkt 5 Vieux Marché aux Grains, Brussel, 1000
+32 2 512 34 25


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Things to do and Places to visit in Brussels

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