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San Francisco, home of the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, was started by the Spanish in 1776, when a fort was built by the Golden Gate and grew magnanimously after the Gold Rush of 1848. It became the biggest city on the west coast at this time, but was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake and subsequent fire in 1906. Because of its unique location, it was rebuilt fairly fast and the second World War helped, as the troops going to the Pacific area were shipped off from here. After the war, returning soldiers, immigration and the liberal attitudes of the citizens created a bastion of liberalness in the state and country. Now, it has become a favorite destination for tourists, with its bridge, cable cars, deep rolling hills, unusual blend of Victorian and modern architecture, as well as its Chinatown.


Budget Rent A CarAlthough populated as early as 3000 B. C., it wasn't until the Spanish explorers discovered the bay and its beautiful area, that it began to grow into a prosperous settlement. In 1821, when Mexico became independent of Spain, did the countryside attract the American settlers looking for a place to settle. With the huge influx of treasure hunters in the late 1840s, the area grew from 1000 people to 25,000 in just over a year. Ships began clogging the harbor, as the sailors would jump ship to hunt for the gold and it was granted statehood quickly. With the next discovery of silver, especially the Comestock Lode in 1859, the population again experienced another huge jump in immigrants. It wasn't long before the attraction brought in lawless adventurers and one section of the city, known as the Barbary Coast soon became the main haven for these criminals; and making the city more famous throughout the country. The great amount of wealth that was accumulated began to draw entrepreneurs to the area and businesses began to thrive. Wells Fargo in 182, then the First Transcontinental Railroad, and the city became closer to the rest of the country and more people began arriving to start a new life. Then the tragic morning of April 18, 1906 came and brought an earthquake that rocked the northern part of California and San Francisco. When buildings began falling, ruptured gas lines started a fire that burned for several days. Almost three-quarters of the city was destroyed, including the downtown area.


Alamo Rental Cars Today the city is as diverse as any with the leftover dotcoms, national parks, beaches, islands, architecture, museums, and tourist attractions. With over 200 parks in the city, the San Francisco Zoo, Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown and the proliferation of entertainment and performing arts, the city has grown into a very popular destination for tourists and for liberally minded people looking for that unique place to live, thrive and enjoy their pursuit of happiness. The city of San Francisco has been and is known as the perfect place to do that.

The best way to enjoy the city of San Francisco and all the fascinating attractions in the area can best be attained by renting a car. By doing this, visitors and guests can add a lot of flexibility to their stay and not having to worry about how to get around. Many people choose to pick up their vehicle at or near the San Francisco International Airport, so they have the best selection of the new vehicles. The rental car company will be happy to pick you up or near the airport to make it easier on you. Whatever you needs are, whether a compact, mid-size, full-size or luxury car, minivan or SUV; the car rental company can help you with the best selection for your traveling needs. So when you get to San Francisco, let the rental car company help you get your next rental car.


Avis Rental CarChinatown in San Francisco is the oldest one in the continent and one of the biggest and oldest outside of mainland China. Started in the 1850s, the area has been pictured in all kinds of venues, including; movies, television, music and photographs. With numerous shops, restaurants and mini malls, Chinatown is a marvelous rendition of the Chinese culture. With the famous Dragon Gate and Sun Yat-Sen statue, and incredible marketplaces, the hustle and bustle of this town within a city is a wonder to behold and visit. It is home to the small alleyways that meander through the area, full of exotic smells and Golden Gate National Recreation areasounds that only add to the mysterious aura that exists in Chinatown. A tourist attraction for many, it continues to bring people from all over the United States and the world to spend time on the very crowded streets wandering around looking over the many sights and exciting elements that are here.


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The Golden Gate National Recreation area is taken care of by the National Park Service and is one of the most visited parks in the country. Although not one continuous area, it is rather a number of locales that stretches from San Mateo county to southern Marin county and includes much of San Francisco. Included in the area is the Muir Woods National Monument, Alcatraz and the San Francisco Presidio. It contains over 1270 animal and plant species, with 59 miles of beaches and ocean shoreline and military forts that span centuries. Thanks to the grand efforts of Congressman Phillip Burton, President Nixon signed the bill in 1972. During the next 3 decades, the National Park service acquired land from the military, private owners and corporations adding to the expansive area. It has grown into a magnificent area it now is and will continue to add more natural wonders with rich history and the most beautiful views anywhere in the world.