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Salt Lake City is the most populated city and capital of Utah, founded in the mid 1800s by the Mormon group, led by Brigham Young. They came here to escape the temperament of the Midwest and the hostility of those people around them. Irrigating and cultivating the desert lands, they settled and eventually more immigrants arrived by the transcontinental railroad. They were continuously harassed by the US government for their practice of polygamy, until 1890, when they stopped the practice. The city is still home to the headquarters of the Church of Latter-day Saints. With mining discoveries and the railroad the city grew into what it was called; Crossroads of the West. Today, it enjoys a great tourism industry sparked by the intense outdoor recreation that is available in the area. The city hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and it has grown into the industrial banking center of the country.


Budget Rent A CarBefore the Mormons arrived, the Paiute, Ute and Shoshone Indians roamed the land, but never settling. Jim Bridger explored the area in 1825, and John Fremont surveyed the great salt lake in 1843 and 45. The now infamous Donner party went through the valley in 1846, but it wasn't until the next year when the leader of the Mormons, Brigham Young had a vision and stated that as they entered the valley, which they found was empty of any other humans. Brigham said where the temple site was to be built and it took 40 years to finish. The Mormons called the state area, "Deseret" and asked the US government to recognize their rights. Congress denied the settlers and created the Utah territory which was smaller than what the Mormons had envisioned. Some more religious people were coming to the area and it soon was the most populated cities in the old west.


Alamo Rental CarsIn 1869, the First Transcontinental Railroad was brought to the north side of the city and then connected in 1870, making travel so much easier. More ethnic groups, especially the Chinese that laid the rails, immigrated to the city and it began a growth period. More people came, settled and other left, with changes in the economy controlling much of the changes. Today, the city is more service oriented than any other business and is home to many of the larger companies making their home here. The LDS or Mormon church owns a lot of the area, and the profit making arm of the church, Deseret Management Corporation is headquartered here. Also in the city is AlphaGraphics, Zions Bancorporation, Sinclair Oil and Smith's Food and Drug which is owned by Kroger. Other companies include;, Arctic Circle Restaurants and FranklinCovey, e-Bay, Unisys, Siebel, L-3 Communications, 3M and Micron. Tourism and convention brings a lot of people and money into the city, as well as the many call centers.


Avis Rental CarThere are numerous museums in the city, and the performing arts have grown immensely over the years. The well known Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs regularly, with other choirs, dance groups, music venues and television gaining popularity. Although it has the stigmatism of the church overhanging the city, many wonderful activities have taken place and continue to draw large crowds. The Sundance Film Festival, Utah pride festival, and other events have brought new interest in the city. There are also many architectural sites and buildings in the city, with numerous parks interspersed. Close by are some of the best skiing resorts in the country and throngs of skiers head to the mountains each year. The Utah Jazz moved here from New Orleans in 1979 and are only one of four professional teams in the state. With a great public transit system the city is easily traversed. The international airport and Delta has their hub here, as well as SkyWest Airlines. Over 22 million people went through the airport in 2007, and is ranked the 21st busiest in the country.


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The Great Salt Lake is the biggest salt lake in the western hemisphere and the 37th biggest lake on the earth. Because of its shallow waters, it fluctuates greatly at times; in 1963 it was 950 square miles and in 1987, it covered 3300 square miles. Also because of no other way of losing water than by evaporation, the mass of the lake is dependent on rainfall, snowfall and the input from the Bear, Weber and Jordan Rivers that empty into it. It has been referred to as America's Dead Sea, but it actually is a wonderful habitat for millions of birds, shorebirds, waterfowl and brine shrimp. With its incredible amount of salt in the waters, it has been discovered that people can float without moving in these waters.

Eons ago, huge monsters roamed across the terrain of what is now the state of Utah. These creatures of that prehistoric age are called dinosaurs and this state has many fantastic museums, fossils, caves and monuments that show the traces of these colossal creatures. The Dinosaur National Monument is one such place where a 200 foot wall has been enclosed because of the more than 2000 bones that have been discovered there. The Quarry Visitor Center at the monument contains the most incredible display of dinosaurs and this ancient river sandbar is considered a time capsule of that age. With trails, activities and tours you to can discover all these wonderful footprints of the past.