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Like a multitiered wedding cake, the city of Boston consists of discrete layers. The deepest layer is the historical base, the place where musket-bearing revolutionaries vowed to hang together or hang separately. Then there's the dense spread of fortune and fortitude which might be labeled "the Hub". Over that lies Beantown... home to the Red Sox faithful and the raucous Bruin fans. And the infusion of colleges and universities with high spirits and dollars from home. Boston is a remarkably compact city, with small streets.


Budget Rent A CarSacramento is the capital of the state of California, the county seat, and sits beside the Sacramento River. It was name one of the ten most livable cities in 2004 and Time magazine said it was the most integrated city in 2002. The city came about thanks to the great efforts of a Swiss immigrant named John Sutter and James Marshall. Sutter built a fort along the river in 1839, and when the gold rush hit the area is 1848, the city became a major transportation hub for stagecoaches, riverboats, telegraph, wagon trains, the Pony Express and the First Transcontinental Railroad. It is the oldest incorporated city in the state. It became the state capital in 1854 when Governor John Bigler moved there with the state legislature.


Alamo Rental CarsIn 1850, flood waters covered the city and then a cholera epidemic took more lives and finally a flu epidemic crippled the town. Staging a quick recovery, the city was flooded again in 1861, and it was decided to raise the ground level with fill and after this was done, the lower floors of the houses became basements, which later became the dens of the opium smokers. These were all eventually filled in, although some views can be obtained today of the Sacramento underground. Over the years, the city began to grow and the same rivers that flooded the area, began to bring in much traffic by its waters. During the Vietnam War, the city became the central hub for the dissemination of supplies, troops, parts and hardware. Reagan was the last governor to live in the city.


Avis Rental CarThe city has some major historical sites, numerous colleges and a great performing arts venue, as well as many great museums. Sports play a big part in the city and many great teams make their home there. The Sacramento Kings, NBA, Monarchs, Women's NBA, River Cats, Triple A baseball, Capitals, tennis, Heatwave, ABA, Knights, soccer and more great sports players. The city enjoys great public transportation options with Amtrak, light rail, bus and the international airport. Bicycling has become a huge and popular mode of travel, because the city is rather flat and the climate fairly mild. With numerous bike paths, many people even commute to work via the bike.


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