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Anchorage Thrifty Rental CarNewark, New Jersey, is eight miles from Manhattan, New York, and two miles from Staten Island, New York; it is also the biggest city in the state of New Jersey. Because it sits on Newark Bay near the Atlantic Ocean making its port a prominent container shipping port for the state and for New York City. With its neighbor Elizabeth, it is home to Newark Liberty International Airport; which happens to be the first airport to serve the New York metropolitan area.


Budget Rent A CarThe city began to grow rapidly in the early 1800s, when a Massachusetts transplant came to the area an changed the way leather was made; eventually creating patent leather. This man, Seth Boyden, helped the city gain control of the leather processing industry and by 1870 manufactured over 90% of the country's leather and brought almost $7 million in revenue to the city that year.


Alamo Rental Cars In the 60s, racial tensions sparked and caused a riot, and many families were moving out of the overcrowded city and moving to the suburbs as was the rest of the country. The 70s and 80s continued the decline, with the inner city going from bad to worse. Much was written about the decline and desperation of Newark. Then, eventually the city began a slow turnaround and by the end of the century was rebuilding much of the city and renovation was the term of the day. In 2000, the city noticed its first population increase and it has been nicknamed the Renaissance City.


Avis Rental CarThe next time you visit Newark, the best way to get around is by car, saving you time and money. By renting a car, you can add flexibility to you trip by doing this. Most people pick up their car at or near the Newark International Airport where the selection is better. The rental car company will also pick you up at or near the Newark International Airport so you can get the best help in choosing your vehicle. Whatever your travel needs are, the rental agency can help with a compact, mid-size, full-size or luxury car, minivan or SUV. The next trip to Newark should start off right with great help from your rental car company.


Dollar Rental Car ReservationsTurning a 100 this year, the Newark museum holds some great exhibits for the visitor, as they meander through this maze of beauty, natural science and art. With a Tibetan altar, African dwarf mongoose, and Joseph Stella's paintings, statues, paintings and other wonderful artifacts that will amaze and enthrall the visitor. The 1885 Ballantine House is the home that houses many of these marvelous items. With wine tastings, performances, yoga classes and dance parties, the museum is trying to rekindle the city's love for the museum.