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Kansas City Attractions and Things to See

The beautiful Kansas City abbreviated as ‘KC’ can be found in the great state of Missouri. As the largest city in the state of Missouri, Kansas City is the anchor of the Kansas City Metropolitan area, the second largest of the several metropolitan areas located in Missouri. In fact, it is one of the few cities in the U.S. that stretches into three separate counties, the Jackson Clay, Platte and Cass. It serves as a county seat along with Independence, located to the city’s south, for Jackson County. In 2010 the census taken for the great city yielded over 450,000 residents and in the metro areas over 2.1 million! With so many things in the area to do and see the city is a prime tourist’s attraction. If you are flying into the state there is a good chance the first thing you will see the popular Kansas City Skyline!

The great Kansas City was founded in the year 1838, back then it was considered the “Town of Kansas.” It was located on the beautiful land at the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas rivers and was later deemed Kansas City as it is presently known just a few short years later in 1850. Kansas City, Missouri is located just the opposite of Kansas City, Kansas a common misconception that can leave many travelers confused. The two cities are located side by side and often share attractions, entertainment and historical sites when they advertise their cities!

The first ever documentation of a visit to the Kansas City area was by a European visitor name Etienne de Veniard, a famous explorer that traversed the Missouri River after deserting his post at Fort Detroit. In an attempt at redemption Etienne wrote two thorough letters describing the trade routes and land in Louisiana, which allowed a French cartographer to finally make a map that accurately represented the area. From those maps the location of Kansas City was created. Around 1853 the city of Kansas was designated and the first elected mayor set out to expand the city limits. At this time the city was just short of a mile wide with a population of a quarter thousand. Kansas City played a key role in the Civil War, being heavily populated by supporters of both the north and the south. Confederate efforts to occupy the city were effectively ended and the city never met direct war confrontation.

The great Kansas City has a wide variety of attractions and entertainment. In fact it is a common vacation destination for those look to kick back and relax. With popular casinos residing along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers the area is often visited for its gambling enterprise. The four casinos are Ameristar Kansas City, Argosy Kansas City, Isle of Capri Kansas City and Harrah’s North Kansas City. Kansas City is home to a whole buffet of restaurants. You can enjoy fantastic gourmet dishes or even some of the greasiest, traditional Kansas City pizza pies around. Whether you are looking for a juicy steak or a barbecue, all you can eat buffet you can find both and everything in-between in this great city! With fantastic sports complexes such s the Arrowhead and Kaufmann Stadiums, the Sprint Center and many, many more you can rest assured there will be a game while you are in town!

So next time you are visiting the area be sure to enjoy all the great amenities available in Kansas City. With great resorts and entertainment it’s a great place to enjoy your vacation. With beautiful streets, fantastic sites and so many attractions it’s the first stop on your drive away from the Kansas City Airport! And with a rental car from us you can explore this fantastic price with complete freedom, it’s the perfect solution for you to kick back and relax!