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Jeju Attractions and Things to See

The city of Jeju is located in South Korea and is the capital city of the Jeju province. It is the largest city on the beautiful island of Jeju, located on the southern side of the country. If you are visiting the city you will most likely arrive by boat or in the fantastic Jeju International Airport, a prime area for tourists to enter the country. Anyone that lives in the city of Jeju will tell you that the whether is mild all year round. In fact the areas unique whether conditions leave it mild even the winter. The city is famous and well know for its great casino facilities and exceptional resorts and hotels. In fact the beautiful city of Jeju welcomes over four million tourists and visitors a year coming from the mainland, Korea, Japan and even China!

Like many Islands found off the coast of Korea the island features a single mountain located at the center of the island. Jeju City resides on the northern side of this mountain, and to its south on the opposite side of the mountain its city limits meet the city of Seogwipo. The mountain itself is a tourist attraction, climbing or coming to the basin of Hallasan, the name of the mountain is rumored to be a soul searching experience. From the top of the mountain it is sometimes possible to see the entire way across the Korean Strait, the mass of water between the Jeju province and the Korean Mainland.

Jeju has one of the longest histories in the Korean culture. In fact their history stretches so far back that much of it was never recorded. The history of Jeju city lived on through wives tails and religions, and much of the history can be found throughout the city. The Samseonghyeol a set of three separate holes that are believed to have been the place where the three original ancestors of the Jeju people came from are tourist’s attractions throughout the city. Other statues and monuments throughout the city with unique heritages and stories are great places for photo opportunities.

In the early nineteen seventies the city began to grow rapidly and surprisingly. With the rapid growth several Shin Jeju or “New Jeju” buildings were constructed several decades ago, they stand as a constant reminder of when the city began its expansion. These Shin Jeju are located just up the road from the airport, and will most likely be visible if you fly into the city. A common thing to find in the city were thatched roofs, a regular practice of people living in Jeju. Since the construction of the Shin Jeju you can only find thatched roofing in rare spots of the city, but it is a popular habit for tourists to go visit the areas. Originally the island was divided into four separate providences, each with their own city and county. However in 2006 the city of Jeju merged with the Bukjeju County and the providence of Seogwipo merged with Namjeju creating the two cities that stand today, divided by the Hallasan Mountain.

The tourist attractions on the island range from national parks to the prestigious casinos in the interior city. Jeju is home to most of the attractions on the island. Because it has become the central location for all tourist arrivals on the island with the International Airport they obtain the brunt of tourists visiting the island. Whether you are looking for tourists attractions in the city such as the Samseonghyeol holes located in the downtown area or mastering the Hallasan National Park the city offers a wide variety of entertainment. You can visit the Dragon’s Head Rock along the coast or venture through the worlds largest botanical garden known as Bunjae Artpia.