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Jackson Attractions and Things to See

Jackson is the capital and most populated city in the state of Mississippi, and named after Andrew Jackson, who had been a general at the time of its naming, that would then become the President of the United States, and originally part of the Choctaw Nation. With the government pressuring the Choctaw Native Americans to remove themselves from the lands east of the Mississippi River, included in several treaties, many of them would move to Oklahoma, but a large number chose to stay on their native homelands, citing the Fourteenth Article of the Treaty of the Dancing Rabbit Creek. The area that became Jackson would be acquired under the terms of the Treaty of Doak's Stand in 1820, and after its ratification, hordes of Europeans and American settlers would move into the territory; and today, the majority of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians live on numerous Indian "communities" that are found throughout the state, the biggest being in Choctaw, Mississippi, that is some 100 miles northeast of Jackson.
The beginning of Jackson would be called Parkerville, and had been settled by a French Canadian trader named Louis LeFleur, by the historic Natchez Trace trade route, and would become LeFleur's Bluff. It was based on the need for a centrally located capital for the state, and in 1821, the general assembly, meeting the then capital city of Natchez, would send Thomas Hinds, William Lattimore and James Patton to find a site. The exact center of the state was located in a swamp, so the group had to find another location, and after surveying areas north and south of Jackson, the went southwest along the Pearl River until they came to LeFleur's Bluff in Hinds County, and they told the general assembly that the area had "beautiful and healthful surroundings, good water, abundant timber, navigable waters and proximity to the trading route Natchez Trace". From that point, the rest is history, and a good one at that.
It is serviced by the Jackson-Evers International Airport, three interstate highways, US highways, state highways and numerous roads, the Canadian National Railway and the Kansas City Southern Railway. It is home to numerous significant industries that include primary and fabricated metal products, electrical equipment, processed foods and machinery, with an agriculture encompassing the city that produces cotton, poultry, livestock and soybeans. It has numerous religious organizations, and a bevy of cultural organizations and institutions.
These include the Ballet Mississippi, the Smith-Robertson Museum and Cultural Center, Celtic Heritage Society of Mississippi, Russell C. Davis Planetarium, the International Museum of Muslim Cultures, New Stage Theater, Jackson State University Botanical Garden, Mynelle Gardens, Jackson Zoo, Municipal Art Gallery, MS Agriculture and Forestry Museum, MS Symphony Orchestra, MS Art Center, MS Opera, MS Heritage Trust, MS Museum of Art and many more that is sure to keep you very busy and delighted exploring the wonderful sites here.
Jackson is well known for its excellent music, R&B, blues and gospel, as well as home to the world famous Malaco Records recording studio, with numerous famous musicians coming from the city and area. Cultural events include the Mississippi State Fair, the CelticFest Mississippi, Mal's St. Patty's Day Parade, Sweet Potatoes Queens, OUTberfest, USA International Ballet Competition, Crossroads Film Festival, Festival Latino and Jubilee!Jam. Jackson has two dozen downtown attractions, over a dozen museum and historic sites, parks and a downtown renaissance. It is home to many professional sports teams, excellent sports arenas, the summer training camp for the New Orleans Saints and a roller derby team that was formed in 2008.
Jackson has always been well known for its excellent cuisine, with its unique southern flavor, with over 300 local restaurants that serve nothing but the best and freshest ingredients, and can be tried in a variety of places to eat. There are American places, vegetarian, barbeque, fine dining, soul food, French, Southern style foods, buffet and cafeteria styles, Greek, Mediterranean, Indian, Irish, steaks, bakeries, Thai, Cajun, Chinese, coffee shops, fried fish, Italian, Mexican, seafood, Japanese and Southwestern that is sure to bring a smile to your face the whole day.