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Hyperabad is the capital of the Andhra Pradesh state in India, and often is called the city of pearls, and in 2010, it was the sixth most populated city in the country, founded by Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 along the banks of the Musi River. It has developed into one of the main centers of information technology in the nation that has earned it the nickname of "Cyperabad"; with other industries including pharmaceutics and biotechnology, in the public sector of Life Science Research and Genome Valley. This city contains the most expensive residential real estate in the state, that are located in the Jubilee and Banjara Hills, and home to the Telugu Film Industry, that is one of the biggest in the country, as known locally as Tollywood. It is the crossroads of North and South India, with a unique culture that is seen in its architecture and language.
The city's name and history are steeped in legend, although founded just a little less than 500 years ago, archaeologists have discovered iron age sites by the city that date to 500 BC, and it would be ruled by Kakatiyas more than a thousand years ago. It was named by Time Magazine, in 1937, as the wealthiest native state in the country, and before 1947, it would under the suzerainty of the British crown, although not an actual part of the British Indian state. It sits in the Deccan Plateau, with a rocky terrain, and some hilly areas, with its main crops being grown in the encompassing paddy fields. The original part of the city that had been founded on the banks of the Musi River is now considered the old town or old city, and home to Mecca Masjid and Charminar, along the river's southern banks. Charminar was constructed in 1591, with four elaborate minarets supported by four majestic arches, and is now the global icon of the city, being listed as one of the most recognized structures in the city and nation, located on the east bank of the Musi, and Mecca Masjid is one of the oldest mosques in the city, and one of the biggest in India, located close to the Charminar, the Laad Bazaar and Chowmahalla Palace.
Today, the city is the political, financial and economic capital of the state, one of the richest cities in the world by GDP, that adds so much to its quality of life. It is linked with the remainder of the nation with National Highways, and the local mode of travel is by yellow colored auto rickshaws that is the most widely used method, with a few railroads, light rail and the international airport at Shamabad, which is now one of the top five airports in the world according to ACI, with more travel growing all the time.
Since it is a crossroads city for the cultures of the north and south, the cuisine of the city has developed into a distinctive flavor that mixes Muslim and Hindu traditions, that also include many marvelous festivals and carnivals. Its cuisine is more blend of traditional south Indian, Persian and Mughal cultures, with hderagdi biryani one of the iconic local dishes of the area. This dish blends goat meat and basmati rice, with some variations using chicken instead of goat, and also include; yogurt, spices, lemon, onions, saffron and fried onions and coriander used as a garnish. Other favorites include; nahari kulche that is also called paya and haleem, which is a meat dish usually eaten during the month of Ramzan, with kaddu ki kheer being a sweet porridge made with sweet gourd, sheer qorma that is a sweet liquid dish made with vermicelli and milk, and numerous other dishes that are in Indian and foods that most Americans would need some kind of translation given or the list of the ingredients at least.