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Grenville Attractions and Things to See

Grenville is the second biggest city in Grenada, and the capital of the biggest parish, Saint Andrew's, situated on the Grenville Bay, halfway up the eastern coast of the island, heavily involved in the agriculture export business, with its main Anglican church and school located at the north end of Victoria Street. The city has only about 2400 residents, with more in the surrounding lands, serving as the transportation and economic center of that part of the island, with the biggest nutmeg processing plant in the country. At the city's marketplace, there are many microbuses, that serve as the island's main transportation, to visit all the scenic and other areas around the island, although there should be some rental car companies moving there soon. The marketplace is close to the nation's first airport, Pearls Airport, that would be discontinued to be used when a bigger and more modern airport opened up. The city was founded and named after George Grenville, the British prime minister, and become the parish capital in 1796. It has a courthouse on Sandel Street that was constructed in 1886, and in 1981, the Grenville Magistrate Court would be constructed to put the former courthouse out of business.
Besides the outstanding courthouse and other sites in the city to visit and explore, the nutmeg plantation is a worthwhile visit with excellent tours, and the Saturday market is another that has local farmers, fishermen selling the freshest seafood and merchants that come here to sell everything from fresh produce to the local handicrafts, all at a bargain price that brings visitors here for great buys. The people here are always friendly, since it isn't, as of yet, an overdeveloped tourist destination, but probably doesn't have the five star hotels and other opulent resorts that the other Caribbean islands have. The mountains outside the city are magnificent, as are the many trails that wind through the jungles, filled with awesome waterfalls, the springs of the salted river, the beautiful beaches and the unique way of life that the islanders have adopted. Cricket and soccer are the main sports and you'll see many children playing one of the two, though more likely soccer that is less expensive and just needs a ball to kick around and bounce off every part of your body. The island's choice of music is reggae and calypso, that keeps the people dancing away the day, with outstanding opportunities for hiking, sailing, fishing, swimming, diving, scuba diving, golfing, windsurfing and great relaxation spots.
The cuisine here is much like the rest of the Caribbean islands, with an excellent emphasis on seafood, like the curried conches, or fish stew, with tasty sweet potatoes, plantains, pigeons peas, rice and more that is traditionally served with meat or fish, and a great dish called, "roti" that is curried chicken and potatoes that are rolled into a tortilla, or the callaloo soup that is leaves and coconut milk and considered a classic by the locals. Many say the best place to enjoy roti is the Ebony Restaurant in the center of Grenville, with lambi roti.