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Grand Cayman Attractions and Things to See

Grand Cayman is the biggest of the three Cayman Islands that occupy 76 square miles of landmass, with its capital George Town, lying southwest of Little Cayman, and 90 miles from Cayman Brac. The island has some fabulous flora and fauna, that can be enjoyed along its many trails and include the yellow mastics, Grand Cayman Amazons, blue iguanas and black mastics, which are trees.
The island's main claim to fame is its outstanding tourism industry that offers excellent fast food joints, magnificent resorts that lie on the west side of the island and its night clubs. The east side has more restaurants that offer the local cuisine, specializing in native Caymanian food; while Seven Mile beach brings visitors here in the droves, with excellent scuba diving and snorkeling in the numerous walls and reefs with opportunities to swim with stingrays and beautifully colored fish. One such exciting and interesting place to scuba, snorkel, swim and dive is called Stingray City, with a great turtle farm in the West Bay district, with a large amount of green turtles, grown for their outstanding tasting meat, although many tourists from America might not be too interested in that type of meat, since there is excellent local food stuffs that is traditional to the Cayman culture, which does include the green turtle, that is becoming more difficult to find because of its over catching, which is why the island has built this farm. It can produce almost 1800 turtles a year, with many released back into the wild and waters to replenish the declining populations. During the period between 1980 and 2006, the farm would release 30,600 turtles back into the wild, that have been discovered throughout the Caribbean. This turtle farm also exhibits a caiman and the rare blue iguanas.
Owen Roberts International Airport brings the majority of visitors here, servicing domestic and international flights, with Cayman Airways having its headquarters on Grand Cayman. Its capital city, George Town has some of the finest dining and shopping areas in the Caribbean, with the Seven Mile beach stretching as far as the eye can see, with beautiful sandy shores, and considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Other outstanding attractions on the island include the National Trust's Mastic Trail that is a two mile path through magnificent pristine woodlands located on the north side, the 65 acre Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, the Cayman Islands National Museum in George Town, Boatswains Beach, the National Trust historic walking tours, Pedro St. James Historic site in Savannah, blowholes on the east end, Hell which is an area of blackened shards of rock that are a mix of dolomite and limestone estimated to be more than a million years old, and other historical structures that are in the process of being rejuvenated and Rum Point, a fabulous restaurant that is one of the best dining options on the island providing panoramic views of the Northern shore and the most amazing sunset. It is a relaxing environment, with a unique interior, grill menu showcased in food, and an open air kitchen sitting in the middle of the restaurant offering guests the perfect seat to enjoy the "unusual show" that the kitchen provides.
The island has some excellent shopping areas that offer exotic jewelry, magnificent local arts and crafts, as well as native designer clothes, with many local vendors, crafts people and artisans that often sit in front of their homes, working on exotic crafts or arts, then selling them to passers-by. The island silver thatch palm is one of the most unique palms in the world and can be found only on the Cayman islands, used for making hats, baskets, brooms, straw rope prized by the local fishermen because of its exceptional resistance to the salt waters and used for many of the thatched roofs in the region.
Other venues include; tours, watersports, sailing, golf, sports, fishing, snorkeling, nature tours, diving and kayaking that is sure to keep you as busy as you choose to be, with the beautiful beaches to relax and enjoy a cool beverage while the breezes blow softly through your hair. The island has over 200 restaurants that offer the freshest fish in the sea, with outstanding cuisine that is influenced by the West Indian and Jamaican cultures that include; jerk, rice and beans, the finest local seafood, curry, stewed goat, turtle, ox tail and more.