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Giza, which is often spelled Gizah, is the third biggest city in the nation of Egypt, situated on the west bank of the Nile River, about 12 miles southwest of Cairo, and the capital of the Giza Governorate, with a population close to 3 million, and with its other metro cities, is the second biggest suburb in the world. It has been famous for the Giza Plateau, where some of the most impressive ancient monuments in the world exist, that includes a complex of ancient Egyptian royal mortuary and sacred structures that includes the Great Pyramid of Giza, many other huge pyramids and temples and the Great Sphinx. This plateau and its beautiful, magnificent monuments are included in the Giza Plateau Mapping Project operated by the Ancient Egypt Research Associates, that is currently directed by Dr. Mark Lehner. The Great Pyramid has been the location of the Prime Meridian, a reference point that is used for determine a base longitude.
Mn Nefer or Memphis in Greek, that translates to "the beautiful wall" in the ancient Egyptian language, was the first capital of the first unified Egyptian state, beginning with the period of Pharaoh King Narmer is some 10 or 12 miles from Giza, and is its most famous archaeological site, the Giza Plateau, which houses some of the most amazing monuments in Egyptian history, and the world. The great Nile had flowed right into the Giza Plateau, and the pyramids located there had been constructed to look over the ancient Egyptian capital city of Memphis, that is near modern Cairo today. Other fascinating ancient Egyptian monuments located here include the tomb of the Pharaoh Djet of the First Dynasty, along with Pharaoh Ninetjier of the Second Dynasty. The first dynasty would begin some 3000 plus years BC, and the second would begin about 2890 BC. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, with spectacular pyramids that have been here for so many centuries that no one really knows about their construction or who did it.
The city has a great transportation system, with taxis, privately owned public buses, microbuses, personal vehicles, and great rental companies that provide the most reliable vehicles so you can head out to the desert and the Giza Plateau that welcomes many visitors from all over the world that come to view the magnificent ancient structures that have been photographed more than any other significant antiquities in the world. The Cairo International Airport services the main entrance to the country, with the Imbaba Airport just recently closed by the government to convert it into a cultural or athletic region.
Giza is a place of great mystery and interest, with a history that is one of the oldest in the Mid East, with many believing that the pyramid at Giza was built by some 100,000 slaves, working for a period of three months at a time, since the Nile would flood each year, thereby making it almost impossible for the region to be farmed, and the majority of the people would be without work, so his provisions and clothing would be most welcome, with him remembered in legends and folk tales as a benevolent king. The Great Pyramid was the tallest structure in the world for more than four thousand years, and considered one of the most incredible engineering works in the world. It contains 2.3 million limestone blocks that weigh about 2.5 tons on the average, with some weighing as much as 16 tons.
The city has a number of restaurants, that serve American, African, Asian, barbeque, Egyptian, Middle Eastern and other types of cuisine, as well as some that serve hamburgers, ice cream, pizza, fish and chips, seafood, chicken wings, excellent desserts and more. There is a restaurant that serves Caribbean food, Eastern European, European, French, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican/Southwestern, sushi, South American and Spanish food that is excellent and varied enough for any visitor to enjoy their meals and the outstanding service that the cafes, bars, restaurants and other eating establishments pride themselves on.