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Gilbert Attractions and Things to See

Gilbert, Arizona is a suburb of the Phoenix Metro area that lies southeast of the downtown area, and recognized in 2010 as the 36th best place to live in the country, and one of the best places to learn and live. It was also ranked as the safest municipality in the state, and the 24th safest in the country, with its Cosmo Dog Park being named twice as Dog Fancy magazine's list of the best dog parks in the country, since opening in 2006, as well as being named the top dog park of the year in 2007. The National Audubon Society has recognized its Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch as existing as a significant bird area, and the city is considered to be a bicycle and tree-friendly community with excellent satisfaction rates from its citizens in local town surveys. It occupies about 76 square miles and has grown from an agricultural community to a economically diverse suburban center, growing quickly in the last two decades, with a highly affluent and educated city that supports high paying jobs in life sciences and health services, corporate and regional headquarters in advanced business services, high tech and clean and renewable energy.
William Bobby Gilbert, would provide land to the Arizona Eastern Railway in 1902, to build a rail line between Phoenix and Florence, and in 1912, a group of Mormons would move here after being harassed by the troops of Pancho Villa. In 1915, they started holding their meetings at the Gilbert Elementary School, and by 1918, Gilbert would become a ward. It would be incorporated in 1920, to become a farming region, growing quickly, thanks to the construction of the Roosevelt Dam, the Eastern and Consolidated Canals and the railroad. It would stay an agriculture region, becoming the Hay capital of the world from 1911 until the late 1920s.
The city is served by a major highway, with numerous major arteries that serve the city and region, close to the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport and a twenty-five minute drive to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The city has installed a park and ride station in the downtown area, for bus service and they are extremely interested in creating a commuter rail service. There are numerous car rental places around the city and airport that provide great transportation, fairly cheap and very reliable, if you are interested in driving around the area yourself; not to mention being more convenient for those with a family.
Some of the many interesting and entertaining opportunities include the historical museum, the ice rink, Hale Center theater, the Gilbert Stadium cinema, bowling alleys, ballfields, parks, trails and more to keep you very busy and occupied, with excellent weather that has more sunny days than not, with a countryside that exudes nature and wildlife. It is a great place to visit and less congested and hustling like Phoenix, although, with a rental car, you have the added option of traveling into the city and enjoying many of its outstanding attractions, museums, art galleries and facilities. Since it is a flat land, with deserts and few forests, there are many great golf courses, and more than enough places to stay that accommodate most families' needs.
Gilbert has some 289 restaurants that will provide the best fare around, with many Tex-Mex, Mexican, barbeque and fast food joints to satisfy you and your family, with many fine dining establishments for those private moments that require a more romantic setting for you and your companion. There are pizza parlors, Italian bistros, some of the best barbeque places in the southwest, sushi bars, Thai and Chinese food, grilling houses, a great assortment of local eating establishments that offer excellent locally fresh vegetables, Mediterranean foods and some eclectic places to enjoy a meal.