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Geneva is the second most populated city in the country of Switzerland, and the most populated city in Romandie, which is the French speaking region of the nation. It is a global financial city, the most significant UN international co-operation center with New York, since there are numerous international organizations headquartered there, as well as numerous agencies of the UN, the Red Cross, a world center of diplomacy; and most importantly, where the Geneva Conventions had been signed that would influence the treatment of prisoners of war and wartime non-combatants, even though many of the communistic and other more cruel nations ignore. It is considered the eighth most important financial center in the world, and contains the third highest quality of life. It has been referred to as "the Peace City" and the world's most compact city, as well as being ranked the fourth most expensive place to live.
It has a long and interesting history, that would begin in the first century BC, and continue along with the entire European continent being conquered and overrun by various kings, princes, religious leaders and warlords. The city changed many hands during its first five hundred years, and during the Middle Ages would be run by the Holy Roman empire, until the 16th century when Calvinism would begin here and become one of the great centers for Protestant Reformation. In the 19th century, the French, under Napoleon, would take over the city, and annex it with various other regions, which accounts for the influence and language now spoken in many areas. In the 20th century, it would adopt a separation of state and church, aided by the Catholics, but would become more significant after the first World War, and after WWII, the European headquarters of the United Nations and other seats from dozens of countries would be installed in the city, that would result in a blossoming of business and tourism.
Geneva has 82 structures that have been listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance, while the entire section of the old city has been included in the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. The religious churches included are the Temple de l'Auditorie, the Cathedral St. Pierre et Chapel des Macchabes, the Temple de la Futerie, Notre-Dame church, St-Germain church and Russe Church. There are quite a few civic structures, archaeological sites that include the Old city with medieval villages, celtic and Roman settlements, the Fondation Baur and Museum of the Arts d'Extreme-Orient, the Bronze age shore village of Plonjon, Temple Saint-Gervais archaeological site, Parc et campagne de la Grange and Library that contains a Neolithic shore settlement and Roman villa and the Temple de la Madeleine archaeological site. There are numerous museums, cultural sites and theaters located here to inspire and entertain you, with a plethora of international organizations.
Its opera house, the Grand Theater de Geneve opened in 1876, was partly gutted by fire in 1951, restored in 1962, and is the biggest stage in the country, showcasing recitals, opera and dance performances, concerts and occasionally, theater. Victoria Hall is the home of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, and offers classical music concerts. The city has many excellent and outstanding museums, located throughout the city, along with art galleries, that include those affiliated with a number of international organizations , like the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, the Palace of Nations, the UN headquarters, if you so choose.
As for cuisine, or food, the Swiss take theirs quite seriously, housing more than 1000 restaurants, and the capital of cuisine in the nation, with such excellent and delicious local specialties as lake fish dishes, smoked sausage, fondue, many casseroles and raclette. Since it has become such an international city, with diplomats and businessmen from around the world, visitors have a smorgasbord of choices to sample and try out, even though some of its finest are very expensive and formal, but the cafes have great local food, with a more relaxed atmosphere and quite reasonably priced.