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Frankfurt Attractions and Things to See

Frankfurt am Main or more commonly known as Frankfurt, is the biggest city in the German state of Hesse, and the fifth-biggest in the country, and the nation's second biggest metro area, situated on the ancient ford on the river Main, the German word for Furt, and an early part of Franconia, who had been the early Franks, and that is how it would be named, "the ford of the Franks". Since it sits on the Main River, it has become the transportation and financial hub of the nation, and the biggest financial center in continental Europe, the seat of the European Central Bank, the Frankfurt Trade Fair, the German Federal Bank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, with numerous huge commercial banks. Frankfurt Airport is one of the world's busiest international airports, and its train station, Frankfurt Central Station is one of the biggest terminals in Europe, and the Frankfurter Kreuz or Auobahn exchange, is the most heavily used interchange in Europe. It is the only German city listed as one of the world's top ten, and sits in the former American Occupation Zone of Germany that had once been the headquarters of the United States Army. Forty-five percent of its citizens and 65% of those that are younger than five come from immigrant backgrounds. It has been the nation's financial center for generations, and is still home to many major banks and brokerages, with more than 300 national and international banks represented there that includes the headquarters of the main banks of Germany.

It has a spectacular history, heritage, culture, with Roman settlements being constructed during the first century, with quite a few relics discovered in the area. Today, it houses 180 nationalities of people, with almost as many different religions, that includes people from the Jewish community. Some of its most famous architectural structures include the fabulous St. Bartholomew's Cathedral that was built onto a site that had housed an earlier church, but this gothic structure would be finished in the 14th and 15th centuries, and after 1356, Kings of the Holy Roman empire would be elected here, and during the years, 1562 to 1792, all the Roman-German emperors would be crowned here. Then there is St. Paul's Church, the Old opera house, the Frankfurt Opera house, St. Katherine's Church, the Hauptache that was a prison built in 1730, and is a baroque style structure that would become a transport hub beneath its confines. Zeil is the city's main shopping street and one of the busiest and crowded in the country, with a pedestrian only street, and bordered by two huge plazas; the Romer that is the old city hall, Museum fur angewandte Kunst, Frauenfriedenskirche, a marvelous church, Goethe House, Grossmarkthalie in 1926-28 and many tall skyscrapers.

The majority of their fabulous museums are located long the river's edge, with thirteen on its southern side that includes the German architecture museum, the Stadel, one of the most famous art museums in the nation, Deutches Filmmuseum, Museum of World Cultures, Icon Museum, Municipal sculpture museum, Museum of Communication, the Museum of Applied Art and the Regional Art Museum. Others are the Jewish Museum Frankfurt, the Historicseches museum, the Museum of Modern Art, Frankfurter Kunstverien and the Schim Art Gallery.

It main cuisine includes; frankfurter sausage or hot dog, rippchen mit kraut, Frankfurter rindswurst, handkas mit musik, apfelwein, Frankfurter Kranz, Gruene sosse and Bethmannachen.  Their cuisine includes a few main dishes that have been mentioned, and includes the gruene sosse or green sauce that is an emulsion of eggs and oil with a variety of green herbs like dill, parsley, sorrel chives and others, that had been Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's favorite dish, covering potatoes and meat with the sauce and drowned it with another city specialty, apfelwein, a hard apple cider. Most of the Ebbelwoi restaurants in the city will serve the local and regional favorites, like Frankfurter wuerstchen that is a tasty sausage with mustard and a broetchen or roll or sauerkraut. Some other popular dishes include rippchen or cooked pork served with sauerkraut or schweinshaxe or pig knuckles that are weighed right at your table and served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Lighter fare would be four boiled eggs with gruene sosse or tartarrenbrot or an open faced sandwich with raw beef, pickles and onions.