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Fort Wayne Attractions and Things to See

Fort Wayne is the second biggest city in the state of Indiana, located in the northeastern region of the state, about 18 miles west of the Ohio River, and fifty miles south of the Michigan border. The American Revolutionary War statesman, General "Mad" Anthony Wayne would direct the construction of Fort Wayne in the final series of forts built near the Miami Indian village of Kekionga in 1794, and named in his honor, it sits at the confluence of the Maumee, St. Joseph and St. Mary's Rivers, to become a large trading outpost for traders, fur trappers and European settlers. It was platted in 1823, and would enjoy a quick growth, once the Wabash and Erie Canal was completed, and by the 21st century, its economy would be based on health care, logistics, manufacturing, defense, education, security and insurance, the winner of the All-America City Award in 1982, 1998 and 2009.
It has an excellent and interesting history, that adds to the great architecture and cultural destinations, with more than two dozen architectural buildings of significance and beauty. Fort Wayne has almost a dozen festivals each year, that includes; the Three Rivers Festival, BBQ RibFest, National Soccer Festival, Fort4Fitness, Johnny Appleseed Festival, Greek Fest, the IPFW Riverfest and HolidayFest. There are a number of performing arts centers, that includes the John and Ruth Rhinehard Music Center, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Embassy Theater that showcases Broadway musicals, dance, lectures, community events, and serves some 200,000 citizens each year, and is home to the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra. The Grand Wayne Center is used mostly for exhibitions and conventions, but does host choir and dance productions, like the yearly FAME Festival that focuses on local dancers and school choirs. Museums include the African American Historical Museum, the Greater Fort Wayne Aviation Museum, the Underground Railroad, the Fort Wayne Firefighters Museum, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, the History Center, the Harold W. McMillen Center for Health Education, the Chief Jean Baptiste de Richardville House and the Jack D. Diehm Wildlife Museum of Natural History.
The city has seven minor league sports franchises, and include sports venues in soccer, football, hockey, basketball, baseball; and is home to numerous first in the games that includes the first professional baseball game held on May 4, 1871, between the Fort Wayne Kekiongas and the Cleveland Forest Citys. the first lighted baseball game on June 2, 1883, the birthplace of the NBA, when Pistons owner, Fred Zollner brokered the merger of the NBL and the BAA in 1949, at his kitchen table, and in 1961, when Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain would become the first player in the NBA to score 3000 points in a single season at Memorial Coliseum.
The city has a number of parks, trails and recreational facilities, and is also known as the "city of restaurants", where your biggest choice will be to decide where to eat and what to eat. There are many BBQ places, American style restaurants, cafes, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, pizza, seafood, steakhouses and more that is sure to fulfill anyone's fancy and palate, that are priced, low, medium and high for those of you that want to go all out on vacations.