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Fargo, North Dakota
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Fargo Attractions and Things to See

Fargo is the biggest city in North Dakota and was founded in 1871, to become the crossroads and economic center of southeastern North Dakota, and a part of northwestern Minnesota. It is the educational, manufacturing, retail, cultural and health care center of the region, home to North Dakota State University. It would begin as an early stopover for the steamboats that traveled the Red River during the 1870s and 1880s, originally called, "Centralia" and then later renamed Fargo in honor of the Northern Pacific Railroad director and Wells Fargo Express company founder, William Fargo, beginning to flourish after the arrival of the railroad, becoming the "gateway to the West". It went on to become the "divorce capital" of the Midwest, during the 1880s, since it had such lenient divorce laws, and in the early 20th century, it would become a hub of automobile manufacturing, and in 1905, it would become the home of the Pence Automobile Company. The city has had such a diversity of ethnicities, that include; Scotch-Irish, German, Scottish, Norwegian, Russian, Irish, Polish, Swedish, French and English, that its culture and cuisine is full of variety and delight that bring visitors here from all over the world. Its economy has traditionally been reliant on agriculture, although it has diversified into food processing, healthcare, technology, higher education, manufacturing and retail trade.

The city has three universities in the area that help diversify it even more, with excellent cultural facilities like theaters, events, music, entertainment and more. It is home to the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra, the Fargo-Moorhead Youth Symphony, many theater groups, the Fargo-Moorhead Ballet, the Fargo-Moorhead Opera, the Jazz Arts group, with the Fargo theater, sitting in a restored 1926 art deco movie house that features, first run movies, film festivals and other venues, while the Fargodome often hosts, sporting events, fairs, concerts, dance performances and Broadway musicals. In 1928, the Winter Carnival began being an annual event, and the Plains Art Museum is the biggest in the state, situated in downtown Fargo, that showcases regional and national exhibits. It contains a big collection of art as well, with numerous other museums that include the Fargo Air Museum, the Roger Maris Museum, the Children's Museum at Yunker Farm, the historic Bonanzaville Village and the North Dakota State University Wall of Fame in the Scheels All Sports store.

There are many neighborhood parks in the city, with a number of golf courses as well, a skate park near dike west and Island Park, with ferry rides in the summer, on the marvelous Red River that promotes the education of the fertile dirt of the Red River Valley.

There are many types of sports teams located here, although the majority of them are affiliated with the universities, but excellent to watch and enjoy, as the locals do. Some of the major sites in interest include; the Scheels Arena, Fargodome, John E. Carlson Coliseum and the Fargo Civic Center. Museums not already mentioned include; the Hjemkomst Center that showcases and interprets the Hjemkmost copy of the Viking ship that had sailed to Norway, that is also home to the Clay County Historical Society museum and archives.

Fargo has between 100 and 200 restaurants that offer a wide variety of foods and cuisine, with numerous vegan places, 11 gluten free restaurants and discounts for the majority when you decide on going. This outstanding variety include over 50 American places to eat, Asian, Japanese, Latin American, Mediterranean, burgers, cafes, Cajun cooking, Mexican, Mongolian, Chinese, fast food, Spanish, New American, Greek, grills, International, Italian, pizza, organic, seafood, southern, Tex-Mex, Thai, Vietnamese and more so that you are sure to find one that is perfect for you and your family.