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Daytona Attractions and Things to See

Daytona Beach, Florida is the main city in the Fun Coast area of the state, that has historical included a beach with hard packed sand that allows motorists the opportunity to drive on the beach, in restricted areas and has made the city beach, a mecca for motorsports, with the local Daytona Beach Road Course hosting races for more than half a century; although the course was replaced by the Daytona International Speedway in 1959 and becoming the headquarters for the Grand American Road Racing Association and NASCAR. It is famous for being a year-round family friendly resort area, as well as being a seasonal town that entertains big groups of out-of-towners that come to the city for many events, like the Speedweeks in early February that welcomes more than 200,000 fans to attend the opening Daytona 500, the NASCAR Coke Zero 400 race in July, Biktoberfest in late October, the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona in January, Bike Week in early March and hordes of spring breakers from colleges all over the north and south.

It welcomes more than 8 million visitors each year, and one of the few places on earth where you can drive your car on the ocean beach. During the motorcycle events, Bike Week and Biktoberfest, many hundreds of thousands of bikers, from all over the globe, come here to visit the greater Daytona Beach area, and while it has historically been associated with spring break, the local government has been trying to discourage their rowdiness and other shenanigans, coupled with the rise of other spring break destinations as well, it has lost it dominance as a spring break destination.

The city does have numerous cultural institutions like the Museum of Arts and Sciences, the main cultural center for Daytona Beach and Volusia County, as well as the Southeast Museum of Photography and the Halifax Historical Museum. The Museum of Arts and Sciences is really a collection of galleries and museums that include the Cuban Museum, the Dow American Gallery, the Bouchelle Center for Decorative Arts that together form one of the best collections of furniture and decorative arts in the southeast and the Root Family Museum that showcases on of the biggest Coca-Cola collections in the world. In 2008, a new children's science center and changing exhibitions facility opened to attract more family oriented vacationers.

The city has the Daytona Cubs baseball team and the Daytona Beach Thunderbirds that play arena football, and a large number of golf courses. Much of its economy is tourist based, because of the huge amount of visitors that come here every year, with some major corporate headquarters located here that include; SunTrust Bank, Halifax Health, NASCAR, International Speedway Corporation, LPGA and Gambro-Renal Products. There are a few shopping malls for your interest and pleasure, with many local shops and boutiques down by the boardwalk. A number of colleges are located here, with the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University housing many excellent programs and a life-sized Wright Flyer statue. The Daytona Beach International Airport is ready to welcome all visitors that come here by air, with a great bus system, interstate I-95 that goes from Key West to Maine, and excellent rail service.

With more than 190 restaurants in the city, you'll have no problems finding an eating establishment that caters to your special likes and palate, that are either housed in the magnificent hotels and motels or as stand alone establishments offering outstanding seafood and great fare.