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Dalian Attractions and Things to See

Dalian is a major city and seaport in the southern parts of the Liaoning province of northeast China, with the Yellow Sea on the east, the Bohai Sea on the south and west and Shandong on its south. It is the second biggest city in the province, with an excellent history of being used by foreign countries as a port and today is a financial center, logistics center and international shipping hub.

Like many cities in China, Dalian has a marvelous history, beginning in the second century AD, being occupied by various dynasties, the British, Japanese and Russians, who left in 1955, after giving the city back to the Chinese in 1950. Because of its significance as a port city, it would survive the numerous occupations and when the Chinese finally got control back, they would spend more to increase its use and importance. It is today, a city that went from a basic agriculture economy to shipbuilding, finished oil and bearings industry and internal-combustion engines, as well as metal and timber processing, component parts consolidation and distribution. Other significant industries that has evolved into the 21st century include finances and high-tech, that has spawned other businesses like information technology offshoring and business process outsourcing, like Bangalore in India.

It is also one of the numerous cities in the country that have moved from bicycle power to automobiles, with few motorcycles which have been banned, with an excellent bus system and metro system; with its tram system, the second oldest in the nation. Dalian's airport, the Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport has been modernized and enlarged to accommodate the influx of visitors and tourists. According to China Daily, it is the number 1 most livable city in China, during 2006, and considered to be one of the most magnificent city in the nation, sometimes compared to Seattle or San Francisco. The people enjoy their sports, because of its diversity that include football/soccer, track and field and other colloquial games.

It has many festivals during the year, that have some of the finest fireworks in the world. The city has three zoological parks that include Polar World, Dalian Forest Zoo and the Sun Asia Ocean World that provides exciting and interesting flora and fauna to the community. Although the agriculture industry has declined, there are still many farms around the region and provides the restaurants and small kiosks with fresh vegetables, fruits and meats; along with excellent seafood since it is a port city and has more than a fair share of fishermen.