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Concord Attractions and Things to See

Concord, California, has been called Todos Santos and Drunken Indian, and is the biggest city in the Contra Costa County, that was founded in 1869 as Todos Santos by Salvio Pacheco, but changed to Concord in just a few months; it is a significant regional suburban East Bay center in the San Francisco Bay area, just 31 miles east of that city. And perhaps a better alternative to staying in the high priced hotels and motels that are located there, with congestion of traffic, people and more. In this economic downturn, many Americans that love to travel and visit the big cities with all their museums, art galleries, architecture and historical monuments, are going to realize that a very economical way to enjoy those big cities will head to smaller towns to enjoy the local amenities and quiet places, and rent a vehicle to go to the places located in the cities, using the money that they save from the higher expenses of staying in the city to spend on great local places to eat, rent the vehicle and enjoy the calmness afforded there.

Like Concord, which is really 29 land miles from San Francisco, 22 miles from Oakland, 65 miles from Sacramento and 51 miles from San Jose. In this small city, there are older residential areas on the north and east of the downtown area that contain many homes from the WWII era. The valleys north of Mount Diablo had been inhabited by the Miwok people that hunted elk and fished in the many streams that flow from the mountains into the bay area, and although early Spanish explorers crossed the area, none would settle here until the Mexican land grant of Rancho Monte del Diablo was given to Salvio in 1834, that sat at the base of the mountain.

The region around the city is a big agriculture area, with crops like walnuts, grapes, tomatoes, wheat and hay grown, while the eastern area has many large wheat farms; and during prohibition, the numerous grape vineyards would be taken out and replaced with walnut trees. The city has grown with a large amount of ethnicities that include; Welsh, German, Swedish, Irish, Norwegian, English, Dutch, Italian, Scots-Irish, Scottish, American, Russian, French, Portuguese and Polish, making it a veritable melting pot that influenced the foods, history and heritage.

Just north of the city center, the Concord Naval Weapons Station is located, that had been established in 1942 and would become a WWII armament storage depot that supplied the ships at Port Chicago, but would suspend its operations during Vietnam and the close of the Gulf War, after shipping out thousands of tons of materials to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It had been made of two large areas that included the Inland area that is part of Concord and the Tidal area, so the city is planning reuse of this marvelous land.

The city is home to the yearly Concord Jazz Festival, and had been the home of the Concord Records company until 1999 when it was bought out. Dave Brubeck, the famous jazz musician was born here, with former residents being Mark Hamill, mixed martial artist, Gil Castillo and gold medalist Natalie Coughlin. It is home to the 14 time World Champion Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps that contains outstanding musicians from around the globe. It is the most decorated drum and bugle corps in the history of the Drum Corps International.

Other significant attractions include; Sleep Train Pavilion, Sunvalley Mall, Lime Ridge Open Space, Markham Regional Arboretum, Willow Pass Community Park, Don Francisco Galindo House, Todos Santos park, Don Salvio Pacheco Adobe, Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial, the Willows theater, Rick Sears Memorial Park, Six Flags Waterworld Concord, Baldwin Community Park, the starting point of the Iron Horse Regional Trail and many more.

The city has many excellent restaurants that will provide your favorite cuisine, and runs the gamut of types and foods, with many breakfast places, bakeries, pizza joints, Chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants, American chain places to eat, fast food places, Italian ristorantes and more.