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Columbia City Attractions and Things to See

Columbia City is the county seat of Whitley County, in the state of Indiana, in the northeastern region of the state, founded in the late 19th century, with a marvelous local community that is friendly and quaint, committed to continuous growth and quality of life. The Whitley County Courthouse was designed by Brentwood S. Tolan of Fort Wayne, and constructed by the close of 1891. In 1979, it would be added to the National Register of Historic Places, with the encompassing townsquare being added in 1987. Today, it is home to some of the state's fastest growing manufacturing, service based and technological industries, along with growing residential developments and enhancing its green environments. The city's tree board is a unique board that many cities and towns are beginning to realize are necessary to the improvements and enhancements to offer their community a better way of life and leisure that is tied to the green spaces and other environmental concerns that are facing every town and city in this country.

No one knows for sure who the first settlers were, but some believe it to be Asa Shoemaker that settled at Big Spring Creek in 1837 and grow into Columbia township. In 1839, it would be founded, just a year after Whitley County was created, and had originally been called Columbia, but in 1854, the citizens wanted to conform various institutions in the town, since the local post office was known as the Whitley Court House, since there already was another Columbia in the state. They held a public debate, and after many names were given, they decided on two possibilities, Beaver, that would honor the Native American whose reservation would include most of the area around the town, and Columbia City, with would end up being the official name by only three votes. It would continue to be a small town until the finish of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad in 1856, and would eventually entail more roadways that would create a quick growth in its populations, bringing more businesses and settlers, so that during the period between 1860 and 1875, the population would triple.

The city has a great and popular farmer's market open every Saturday on the courthouse square from 8 AM to noon, offering the freshest local fruits, vegetables, homemade crafts and plants from the farmers in the area, that is a great two way street that helps the local farmers keep producing and the city folk get the freshest seasonal vegetables for their tables. Some of the local amenities includes; Bone's Theater, Pierre's Entertainment Center, Burnworth Memorial Pool, Wagon Wheel Theater, the Annual Tractor Auction, Paintball Plex, Paige's Crossing Fun Center, Ferrin's Fruit Winery, Chain O'Lakes State Park, Eastlake Skating Center, Adventures in Ballooning and the City-County Athletic Complex. 

Come on over to one of the friendliest towns in the Midwest, where you can relax, or rent a car and travel to the big cities of Chicago, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and others, without the big expenses of those large cities and distractions. In Columbia City, you'll enjoy the local flavor of real America and enjoy their trails, for biking and hiking, lakes and rivers for swimming and boating and all the pleasures you used to have when you lived in a small town.