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Cincinnati Attractions and Things to See

Cincinnati is located north of the Ohio River on the Ohio-Kentucky border that had been the first American boomtown during the early 19th century, in the heart of the new nation, that would rival the eastern coastal cities in size and wealth. Since it was the first significant inland city in the country, it is often thought of as the first authentic American city, developed without European immigration or influence that happened in the eastern cities. As the end of the 19th century appeared, it would evolve from a steamboat environment to a railroad one that would encourage more migration from the east. As the city's growth slowed, it would be surpassed by other inland Midwest cities like Chicago.

It has two major sports teams, the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals, but sponsors the yearly Cincinnati Masters tennis tournament, the Thanksgiving Day race and the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival. It is well known for its 19th century Italianate architecture, that is one of the biggest in the country, that is mostly located north of downtown in the area known as Over-the-Rhine, that had been a German neighborhood for many years, and one of the biggest historic districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was founded in 1788 by John Cleves Symmes and Colonel Robert Patterson. It has a wonderful history and outstanding culture that make it well worth visiting to learn more about all this and the fabulous culture.

It's culture has been influenced by the German and Italian immigrants that arrived here, as well as the geographical location that it had in the mid 19th century, being on the border of the Southern United States and the Midwest. The History of the Jews in Cincinnati would be started by immigrants from Germany and England that made the city a center of Reform Judaism, and during that period it would be home to Rabbi Isaac M. Wise that would later influence the Plum Street Temple; and began inspiring changes in Judaism that had never been known before in this country.

Cincinnati is home to many marvelous festivals, with over a dozen if you care to investigate, they are excellent and varied. The city has many musical and theater facilities, and has a park system that is ranked fourth in the country boasting that every citizen is within a mile of a park; and there is a very diverse dining culture here that has evolved over the years and can be identified with numerous unique foods that include the Cincinnati chili, which many believe is the chili capital of America and perhaps the world since it has more chili restaurants per capita than any other city in the world.  Another specialty of the city is goetta, a meat and pinhead oatmeal mixture that is fried and eaten for breakfast. Its gourmet restaurants are well known and visited, with all enjoying the excellent cuisine. Cincinnati's German heritage can be enjoyed at many restaurants that serve their own special schnitzels and Bavarian style of cooking, with various words like please for a repeat of what a person just said. The state's oldest market still operates at Findlay Market, and one of the city's most famous places, which has now become the last one in the city that once had many.

The Cincinnati May Festival Choir is a prestigious amateur choir that has been singing since 1880, and is the anchor to the oldest continuous choral festival in the Western Hemisphere, which would instigate the creation of Music Hall, with other exciting venues provided by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Ballet, the Cincinnati Opera and the Cincinnati Boychoir. The city is home to numerous regional orchestras and youth orchestras that includes the Starling Chamber Orchestra.

It is home to seven major sports venues, five college institutions that have their teams, six minor league teams and two major league teams that include the Cincinnati Reds, named after the first professional baseball team, the Red Stockings, as well as the Bengals in football, outstanding and historical women's and men's tennis tournaments, the Cyclones in hockey, the Kings in soccer, the Commandos in indoor football and various other sports teams.