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Charleston Attractions and Things to See

Charleston is the second biggest city in the state of South Carolina and well known as the Holy City because of all the churches located there and the fact that it was one of the few cities in the original thirteen colonies to be religious tolerant, although that would be restricted to non-Catholics, and would welcome many Huguenots. It was also one of the first colonial cities other than Savannah, Georgia, that allowed the Jewish people to practice their religion without restrictions. The Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim (Sacred Name) would be founded in 1749 and become the fourth oldest Jewish congregation in the continental United States. It sits just south of the mid-point of the state's coastline, at the confluence of the Cooper and Ashley Rivers that join and flow together to the Atlantic Ocean, with Charleston harbor lying between the ocean and downtown. Its name would be derived from King Charles II of England. The nation's most-published etiquette expert, Marjabelle Young Stewart named the city the best mannered in the country in 1995, and it has the first established Livability Court in the United States. This Livability Court is a municipal court that is more concerned with non-compliance codes about housing, tourism, waste, animal control, zoning, the environment and traffic.

It would be founded in 1670 by English settlers under William Sayle on the west bank of the Ashley River, a couple of miles from where it is located today and thus, has a fabulous history that is much too long to dissertate about here. Needless to say that it would be worth your while to check it all out before going so as to visit all the significant places that you and your family wish to.

Charleston is served by the Charleston International Airport situated in North Charleston that is the busiest in the state, sharing its runways with adjacent Charleston Air Force base. There are numerous interstates and highways located in and around the city to offer excellent vehicle travel, a bus system, the Amtrak station, or bring in your boat to the Port of Charleston.

This city is famous for its outstanding culture and cultural attractions, mixing English, French, West African and southern American, that even spreads to the fabulous cuisine provided here. Since it is referred to as the Holy City, it contains many churches and is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston, the seventh oldest diocese in the nation, along with Saint Mary of the Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, the mother church of Roman Catholicism to Georgia, North and South Carolina. St. Matthew's German Evangelical Lutheran Church, that is the seat of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, the only African American Seventh Day Adventist Church, and the First Baptist Church of Charleston that was built in 1682 and the oldest Baptist church in the south, as well as the first Baptist church in existence.

The city has a great theater scene, and home to the nation's first theater; and includes the Pure theater, the Dock Street theater, Theater 99, the Village Playhouse and the Footlight Players. It is also home to numerous historical buildings, museums and many attractions that include; the Joseph Manigault house, the Exchange and Provost constructed in 1767 and showcases a dungeon that would hold signers of the Declaration of Independence and events for George Washington in 1791 and the ratification of the US Constitution in 1788. There is the Powder magazine that is a 1713 gunpowder magazine and museum, the oldest surviving structure in the city, the Heyward-Washington house, with beautiful antique furniture made in the city, the Gibbes Museum of Art, the Charleston Museum, the Fireproof Building, the Gov. William Aiken House and the Nathaniel Russell house.

The city has more than its share of outstanding sports teams that include a soccer team, minor baseball league, rugby, roller derby, and football. There are more than two dozen city parks, three county beach parks, two fishing piers, five county day parks and three water parks. Charleston has over fifty excellent restaurants that provide the best fare in the region, with specialties for every taste and desire, with a great number of fine eating establishments in the area. It has marvelous seafood, fresh from the ocean, lakes and rivers and great fresh produce brought in daily from the outlaying farms that provide the best vegetables and meats available on the market today.