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Bulawayo is the second biggest city in Zimbabwe, situated in the Matabeleland, but treated as if it were its own province, well-known as the "City of Kings", "Bulliesberg", "Skies", "Bluez" or "KoNtuthus ziyathunqa", the SiNdebele word for "a place of smoky fires", and a multi-cultural city with the majority of its residents speaking in three languages that include; English, Venda, Tonga, Sotho, Shona and Ndebele. Although the majority of the city are of Ndebele ethnicity and language group, that is descended from a 19th century Zulu migration, it is a minority in the country.

It is the biggest city close to the Victoria Falls, Matopo National Park and Hwange National Park, which has made it the center of imperialist intrigue and the object of numerous colonial powers that would show a covetous eye on the province and region. It is home to the Bulawayo Athletic Club and the Queens Sports Club that are two of the three areas in the country that test cricket matches have been played, and the Hartsfield Rugby grounds that have hosted a few international test matches games, and the place where many of the southern Africa's best and greatest rugby players have competed. There are two big football teams named the Zimbabwe Saints and Highlanders, as well as the Bantu Rovers and Railstars.

Other well known landmarks and facilities include Barbourfield Stadium, the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Grounds, Fidelity Life Center, Kumato Hockey Stadium, Nesbitt Castle, Kumalo Hockey Stadium, Bulawayo Center, Ascot Race Course, NRZ Building and Khamni Ruins, that had been the capital of the Kingdom of Butua and a national monument in the country, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city has some excellent museums that include the Bulawayo Railway Museum, the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe and the National Gallery, Bulawayo. There are two excellent parks located there that include the Barham Green and Centenary Park. At Matobo National Park, which is one of the nation's World Heritage Site, there are magnificent cave drawings and beautiful rock formations, with marvelous panoramic views of the area, and the famous view from the "top of the world" that Cecil John Rhodes, the founder of Rhodesia is buried. The locals are friendly enough folks and can show visitors some of the excellent deserted dams where you can swim and enjoy the cooling waters after the heat, or even camp in the bush, although there are numerous campsites and lodges where you can also stay in the lap of luxury.

The Tshabalala Game Sanctuary is another national park that offers fabulous views of the landscape and wildlife, that include zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, kudu, tsessebe, impalas and beautiful wild birds and waterfowl. It is a great area to drive around in if you should obtain a rental car, but you can also bike the area or even rent a horse to explore the magnificent area. Be sure to bring water and other supplies that you might want or need since they don't have any convenience stores out in the bush. Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage and Research Center is another exciting and interesting area to visit and enjoy the wild animals that roam about, and learn more about them.  The city has many excellent restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes and pubs that offer local cuisine as well as many international restaurants that usually staff a chef and make excellent meals that are sure to please your palate and the whole family as well.