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Budapest, Hungary
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Budapest Attractions and Things to See

Budapest, the biggest city and capital of Hungary, that is also the hub for its transportation, culture, industry and politics, with more than a million people that live on both banks of the beautiful Danube River and contains a marvelous history. It would begin as a Celtic settlement called Aquincum, then becoming the Roman capital of Lower Pannonia, with the Magyars, or early Hungarians, coming to the region in the 9th century, only to have their first settlement pillaged by the Mongols in the mid-13th century. That village would become one of the significant centers of the renaissance humanist culture, during the 15th century, and after the Battle of Mohacs, suffer under the difficult Ottoman rule for a century and half. During the 18th and 19th century, a new era of prosperity would emerge, and the city, now known as Budapest, would become a world city after the 1873 unification of the country. It would become the second capital under the auspices of Austria-Hungary, which would become a great power in Europe until 1918, when the First World War ended. The city would be the central point for the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, then the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919, Operation Panzerfaust in 1944, the Battle of Budapest in 1945, and finally the revolution that the world watched in horror of 1956, when the Soviet Union sent in tanks and troops to quell the uprising.

Many believe it to be one of the most magnificent cities of Europe, with outstanding World Heritage Sites that include the Millennium Underground Railway, that is the second oldest in the world, the banks of the Danube, Heroes' Square, the Buda Castle quarter and the Andrassy Avenue. There are about 80 geothermal springs in the city, that contains the world's biggest thermal cave system, the second biggest synagogue and the third biggest Parliament structure, welcoming over 2 million visitors each year. As mentioned, it has one of the most significant histories in the EU, and should be read before going there for travel, vacation or business, as you will be amazed at the plethora of majestic styled buildings, monuments, and architecture.

The city enjoys outstanding sports venues, and in City Park and Margit Island, you can find marvelous green spaces for relaxation, thought and people watching, while in the winter, the city park has one of the biggest artificial ice surfaces in the world. Margaret Island offers running, tennis courts, biking paths and trails and swimming. The city's biggest football stadium was named after the world famous Ferenc Puskas, who was the top class player of Real Madrid and the Hungarian National Team, that would be recognized as the top scorer of the 20th century and the Bandy World Championship 2004 would be hosted here.

The neo-gothic Parliament building houses the fabulous Hungarian Crown Jewels, that includes the magnificent Holy Crown, one of the most significant symbols of the nation. At St. Stephen's Basilica, the Holy Right Hand of the founder of the country, King Saint Stephen is exhibited. The Aquincum museum houses some excellent and interesting Roman remains, while the Nagteteny Castle museum contains fabulous furniture that is very historic and magnificent. The Castle Hill area, as well as the Castle District contain three gorgeous churches, intriguing structures, squares and streets, along with six museums. The former Royal Palace is another spectacular site to visit and enjoy, learning more about the exciting history of this incredible country, and contains two outstanding museums and the National Szechenyi Library. Close by, the Sandor Palace houses the president and official offices, and the Matthias Church has been standing where it is today for more than seven centuries, with an excellent equestrian statue of King Stephen, and in the rear of that structure, you will find the Fisherman's Bastion that opens into a fantastic panoramic scene of the entire city. There are numerous statues of the Turul, the mythical guardian bird of Hungary, are found in both the Twelve District and the Castle District.  There is so much to tell about the city, its heroic people, the fabulous cuisine and the exquisite cultural artifacts and other relics that open up the history and heritage of this marvelous country, but you should be the one to decide what to see and do with your family, but if you are planning a trip here, it would behoove you to learn all there is to know before going there. Be sure to check out the car rental rates and opportunities since there are so many sites that you might enjoy driving them.