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Berlin Attractions and Things to See

Berlin, the infamous capital of Germany, as well as its biggest city, and one of its sixteen states, contains lakes, gardens, rivers, parks and forests that make up one third of its land mass. It has one of the most amazing, interesting and intriguing histories of any city in Europe and included such unique, but macabre political systems that began with the Kingdom of Prussia in 1701, then the German empire in 1871, the Weimar Republic in 1919, and then the most horrific regime the world has ever known; the Third Reich. During the 1920s, it was the third biggest city in the world, and would become divided after the Second World War. Today, after being reunified in 1990, it is a world city of science, culture, media and politics and based mainly on a service oriented society, with a diversity of media corporations, convention venues, congress venues and creative businesses. It has become a continental hub for rail and air transport in Europe, as well as being one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. It is a fabulous city of research institutes, museums, orchestras, universities, sporting events and people; recognized and renown for its nightclubs, architecture, contemporary arts, international film productions and a marvelous quality of living. It has grown to be a global place for artists and the young crowd that come here for the liberal lifestyle and modern zeitgeist, which translates to the "spirit of the age".

Well known for its historical architecture, both modern and earlier, it has so many magnificent architectural structures, it would take a few weeks to be able to enjoy all of them; but some include; the modern Fernsehturm or TV tower that is one of the tallest in Europe, the outstanding large residential structures along the Karl-Marx-Allee that were designed in the socialist classicism of the Joseph Stalin period, with the Rotes Rathaus or city hall that was created with bright red bricks. The East Side Gallery, which is an open-air display of beautiful and unique art designs is showcased on the last remaining parts of the former Berlin Wall and the magnificent Brandenburg Gate that is still one of the city's and country's most famous iconic landmark that had been constructed in the early 18th century. The Berlin Cathedral and the St. Hedwig's Roman Catholic cathedral offer visitors both services and beautiful religious relics.

The city contains 746 hotels with 112,400 beds by the close of 2010, that would cater to more than 9 million visitors to those hotels during the same period that would be 20.8 million overnight visitations. The city itself welcomes more than 135 million visitors each day, making it the third most visited city in the European Union, and one of the top three convention centers in the world. Its transportation facilities make it a very accessible and mobile city, with 979 bridges, 3314 miles of roadways that run through the city, and 45 miles of motorways like the Autobahn. Because of the excellent transportation opportunities, it has one of the lowest numbers of cars per capita, with long distance trains going to all the significant cities in the nation, and those in their neighboring countries. There are great regional rail lines, and even an airport express rail service. There are two commercial airports that include the Schonefeld International and the Tegel International that sit just on the outskirts of the city; but because it has such a highly developed bike system, the city actually has more bikes per capita that includes some half a million bikers riding in the city each day; with more than 390 miles of bike paths.

The city is very well known for its culture, with 420 art galleries, many international and regional radio and TV stations, the biggest number of daily newspapers in the country and a unimaginable nightlife scene. It has 153 fantastic museums, that include the Altes Museum that showcases a bust of Queen Nefertiti, the Pergamon Museum, the Old National Gallery and the Bode Museum. Other fabulous museums include the Painting Gallery, the Deutches Historiches Museum, the New National Gallery and the Jewish Museum.  If only there was more time to spend describing this amazing city, but suffice it to say that the cuisine is outstanding, the performing arts are magnificent, the recreation is beyond belief and the sports scene exciting enough to take you out of your seat and into the air. Be very sure of what interests you and your family the most so you can decide where you want to go and what you want to see, and be sure to rent a reliable, and economical vehicle so you won't have to rely on other transportation needs, unless you choose to just stay in the city.