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Belgrade Attractions and Things to See

Belgrade is the capital and biggest city in Serbia, located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans, and one of the biggest cities in southeastern Europe whose name translates to "white city". The area around the city is the birthplace of the biggest prehistoric culture of Europe, the Vinca Culture that began here as early as the 6th millenium BC and had been inhabited by the Thraco-Dacian tribe of Singi, and after 279 BC, the Celtic tribe would inhabit the city, calling it Singidun, or fortress. It would awarded city rights by the Romans and then permanently settle by the Slavs in the 520s AD, and since it is of strategic significance, it would be battled over for in 115 wars and burned to the ground 44 times since ancient times by armies from the West and East.

During the medieval period it would be conquered by the Byzantine Empire, the Frankish hordes, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Serbian rulers, and in 1521 be conquered by the Ottomans so that it would then become the seat of the Pashaluk of Belgrade, a major city of the Ottoman Empire Europe, and one of the biggest cities in the region. It was constantly being passed from Ottoman to Austrian rule that would often see the destruction of the city, and not until 1841, would it be returned to the capital status of Serbia, after the Serbian revolution. The northern part of the city would stay a Hapsburg outpost until the break-up of Hungary-Austria in 1918, and become the capital of Yugoslavia from 1918 to 2003.

Because of the continual changing status of the city, there is a magnificent degree of variance in the city that combines many ethnic backgrounds, cultures and history. It hosts many cultural events, libraries, festivals, nightclubs, theaters, opera houses and numerous foriegn cultural institutions that include some from France, Germany, Spain, American, Austrian, British, Chinese, Canada, Hellenic, Italian, Iranian, Azerbaijani and Russia.

The city house many majestic and magnificent museums that include the most prominent National Museum that was founded in 1844 and contains a marvelous collection of over 400,000 displays, with more than 5600 paintings, 8400 prints and drawings that include numerous foreign masterpieces and the famous Miroslavijevo Jevandelje (Miroslav's Gospel). The Ethnographic Museum that began in 1901 has over 150,000 objects that highlight the urban and rural culture of the Balkans, but mainly the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Other outstanding museums include the Museum of Contemporary Art that has some 35,000 works with examples from Joan Miro, Andy Warhol and Ivan Mestrovic; the Military museum that contains over 25,000 military displays that date back to the Roman period, and the parts from an F-117 Stealth aircraft that had been shot down by the Serbian army, the Museum of Aviation in Belgrade with over 200 aircraft that showcase about 50 at one time, the Nikola Tesla museum and the Museum of Vuk and Dositej. It also has the Museum of African Art that opened in 1977, the Yugoslav Film Archive is the biggest in the region and one of the ten biggest in the world. And last but not least is the Belgrade Museum that includes outstanding and intriguing displays like the Belgrade Gospel from 1503, numerous paintings and graphic and a full plate armor from the Battle of Kosovo.  With one of the longest histories in the world, it isn't any wonder that the architecture in the city is both beautiful and varied.

There are too many to list so it would be best for you to decide what you might enjoy. Tourism has grown into a major industry with more attractions that you could visit in a lifetime. There nightlife is equally exhausting as it has continued to grow with many clubs that stay open all night long, with the most recognizable nightlife feature of the city are the barges that have been spread around the banks of the Danube and Sava Rivers.
The city also has a thousand sports facilities, with many that handle all the sports and can be accessed when you are ready to make your decisions as to what to see and do.