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Aspen, Colorado
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Aspen Attractions and Things to See

Aspen is a famous ski resort and upscale tourist destination that began to develop in the late 20th century as a popular destination for celebrities, welcoming people like John Denver, who write numerous songs about Colorado and a couple about Aspen, Hunter C. Thompson and the infamous Charlie Sheen. Its roots began in 1879, when the governor asked a group of miners to recross the Continental Divide because the Ute Indians were on the up rise; and it was originally called Ute City. In 1880, it would be renamed Aspen, and during 1881 and 1882, it would become the nation's most productive silver mining district, with its expansion allowed because of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act of 1890 that would double the government's purchase of silver.

By 1893, it would have banks, two theaters, a hospital, electric lights and an opera house. The windfall would collapse in 1893, when President Cleveland called a special session of Congress to repeal the act and that would close many of the Aspen mines and put thousands of miners out of work. Someone suggest that silver should become legal tender, and the Populist Party would adopt it as one of its main issues, putting Davis H. Waite on the ticket to become elected as the governor of the state on the Democratic ticket, but it would eventually fail. After some time passed, and of course, the wages were cut, mining would be revived, but its production would decline as the mines were depleted, and by 1930, only 705 people lived there. But many of the historical and magnificent structures that had been built during that era would still be there, and by the end of the 1930s, it was becoming a favorite spot for skiers.

The city is now becoming known around the world as a ski resort and cultural center, home to the Aspen Music Festival and School, and continue to grow thanks to three spectacular ski areas at Snowmass, Buttermilk and Aspen Highlands; and famous for Ted Bundy's escape from the Pitkin County Courthouse in 1977.

It has some of the finest skiing in the nation now, with many magnificent lodges and ski resorts that cater to the whims of wealthy visitors, with beautiful scenery and gorgeous sights. The T Lazy 7 Guest & Horse Ranch offers visitors some great ways to enjoy the many views and mountainous areas, with horseback rides during the warmer months and snowmobiling in the colder months. Their spas are very upscale, but provide some of the best services and products available on the market, giving visitors the best of the best. The John Denver Sanctuary is one place that you have to visit, to realize why this talented man would write so many wonderful songs about the state, the Rocky Mountains and the magnificent views.

There are a few museums that are sure to interest you and your family, as well as the Silver Queen gondola that provides some of the most fabulous panoramic views of the Rockies and the surrounding areas. The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies offers you the Hallam Lake Nature Preserve, one of the wildest regions in Aspen, bird watching, a nature trail loop, an indoor trout stream, resident birds of prey and plenty of programs year round to keep you learning more about nature and the beauty that lives here. There are many fantastic trails to take you anywhere in the region, hiking, biking, canoeing, and more that is sure to keep you and your family busy for weeks at a time.