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Antigua is an island in the West Indies, one of the Leeward Islands that lies in the Caribbean Sea, and the main island of Antiqua and Barbuda, with a main industry of tourism, but a good agricultural business that provides for the local population, and close to the VC Bird International Airport. It has an excellent deep harbor that is great for big cruise ships to stop over, with the capital city of St. John housing almost a third of the nation's population of 86, 754. English Harbor, that is situated on the southeastern coast is well known for its protected and sheltered harbor in violent storms, and the site of a restored British colonial naval station called Nelson's Dockyard after Captain Horatio Nelson. This outstanding harbor has become the site of international yachting and sailing, that provides provisions for these vessels and their passengers. In Antigua Sailing Week, the yearly world-class regatta welcomes many sailing ships and sailors to play sports and enjoy the island's marvelous hospitality.

The island markets itself as a luxurious Caribbean escape, with a growing medical school, and numerous hotels and resorts, with just as many if not more outstanding restaurants that offer the finest Caribbean cuisine that features the best fresh seafood in the region. The US Air Force keeps a small base by the airport that is part of its Eastern Range, used for communications and space missions. Most of the businesses use prices shown in American dollars, while the country's East Caribbean dollar is traded at the rate of $1 US dollar to $2.67 EC. The island's agriculture grows the unique black pineapple, mangoes, corn, cotton, sugar, sweet potatoes, tobacco, chilies and guava. Their main sport is cricket, with basketball and soccer gaining more popularity each year. Since the island sits in the middle of a great body of warm waters, sailing is becoming one of the most popular sports, along with sport fishing and hosting numerous events during the year. Windsurfing had been quite a favorite, until kitesurfing came to the island, and local Andre Philip has become one of the most famous kitesurfers in the world, spending a majority of his time here training along the waters and beaches. Kitesurfing and kiteboarding are excellent at Jabbawock Beach, as is swimming, sunbathing and just great relaxing. The beaches here are beautiful with white sands and aqua-blue waters, that is also becoming popular among the scuba and snorkel divers, while kayaking is considered quite good around here as well.

Today, the country is becoming a significant online gaming center, with many companies coming here to form and headquarter, since the country was one of the first to legalize, license and regulate online gaming, but some countries, like the United States, argue that the online games are illegal, but that has been rejected by the World Trade Organization. However, like anything else that involves the laws and regulations in this country, there is a continuing controversy that could continue for years to come.
The country is filled with great beaches, and parks, with numerous natural geological formations to be studied and enjoyed like the Devil's Bridge on the east coast or the Pillars of Hercules at English Harbor. Many of the best beaches are located in bay areas, since they keep some of the worst waves and currents from affecting swimmers and beach combers, with outstanding weather to give visitors a great tan and vacation.