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Allentown, Pennsylvania is the third biggest city in the state, but it is the fastest growing city here, which is saying alot about the region and city, in this dire economic period, and sits next to the Lehigh River with two great colleges and the Domey Park and Wildwater Kingdom, that is fast becoming a favorite for the community as an amusement park located on the edge of the city. The Lehigh Valley International Airport brings people from around the world to the area to enjoy a plethora of activities, adventures and attractions; with connections to Interstate 78 and 476 providing easy access by automobile if you should choose to rent one of the finest vehicles offered by the local rental car companies, of which, Dollar is the best all-around car rental company in the area. The city has won the All-America City award in 1962 and 1974-75. This historical city would be the home of the Liberty Bell during the great American Revolution, as well as the bells from Christ Church and St. Peter's Church in Philly, and the state bell; all total eleven bells, that would be hidden in the basement of the Old Zion Reformed Church that is now the city's center. A magnificent shrine and museum is located today in that basement, that is called the Liberty Bell Museum, and showcases the exact spot where this fabulous and famous bell would be hidden from the hands of the British invaders. Allentown is home to Trout Hall, the estate of James Allen, son of the city's founder, William Allen, and was constructed in 1770, making it the oldest house in the city, and from 1867 to 1905, it would serve as the home of Muhlenberg College. The city contains many Victorian and Federal rowhouses, with more stately and majestic houses in the West Park area that exemplify Victorian and Craftsman examples of architecture.

Allentown has an excellent venue for culture and history, with the Allentown Symphony Orchestra adding just the right amount of culture to top it all off. The city has an outstanding heritage of civilian concert bands and has the Allentown Band, that is the oldest civilian concert bank in the nation. Besides this band, the Marine Band of Allentown, the Pioneer Band of Allentown and the Municipal Band of Allentown play often at the band shelll in the city's West Park. This cultural hub has many public sculptures located along Fifth Street, including the DaVinci Horse, that is just one of the only three in the world. The city's art museum houses over 13,000 works of art, with an excellent library located there, and downtown has the Baum School of Art that provides classes in jewelry making, fashion design, painting, drawing and many others. The Civic theater has been highlighting great performances for over 80 years, and offers a professional venue for visitors.

The city's German heritage can be enjoyed in the outstanding cuisine offered throughout the city, that include such dishes as chow-chow, a vegetable pickled relish, apple butter, scrapple that is a mush of pork scraps and trimmings mixed with cornmeal and flour, spices or buckwheat flour and spices. Others include Lebanese bologna and cole slaw, while their local Farmer's Market offers such great tastes as birch beer, that is impossible to get in the south, funnel cakes that can be, and shoofly pie that is a fluffy molasses pie, and fastnachts that is a fatty donut. As the city grew, and other immigrants arrived, they brought their particular tastes and dishes, that include cuisine from West India, China, Domican, Thailand, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Lebanon and Japan. Since it is near Philadelphia, it also enjoys offering and making those great Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and Yocco's Hot dogs are a favorite regional food.
Museums include; the Museum of Indian Culture, the Allentown Art Museum, Mack Trucks Historical Museum, America on Wheels, the Liberty Bell museum, Da Vinci Science Center and the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum. The city also has many sports teams that include softball, baseball and soccer, and since the city has one of the finest park systems in the nation, it is almost guaranteed that you'll find one that is just right for you and your family. There are a few pools located around the city for play in the summer months, and the Allentown Municipal Golf course is open for all the hackers or pros in your family. One more note to mention one of the most magnificent sculpture collections in the country that are housed in the Philip and Muriel Berman Sculpture Park.