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Albury Attractions and Things to See

Albury is one of the more prominent cities in New South Wales, Australia, on the Hume Highway, sitting on the northern edge of the Murray River, but above the river flats and in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. It sits in the center of one of the best agricultural regions in the nation, with a great growing season, warm temperatures and plenty of irrigation water in the area. The city has some 18 cultural heritage structures that provide a better understanding and insight into the trials and tribulations of the early settlers and include; schools, hotels, court house, town hall, post office, telegraph office turned technical college, banks, buildings, houses, headmaster cottage and railway station.

Currently, the city is on the main Melbourne-Sydney railway line, although it is quite unique from other stations since it serves two different rail gauges, the broad gauge and the standard, which means that those traveling from either Melbourne or Sydney must transfer at Albury onto a different gauge train to complete their trip. It would cause some serious delays and impediments to the journeys of soldiers and supplies during the wars, both WWI and WWII, that would eventually necessitate the construction of armories and warehouses. There is an excellent bus service here, but many visitors prefer to rent a vehicle and enjoy the major highways and roads to travel to the various attractions.

The entire area is a great venue for tourists, that include the Rutherglen wine region, the snowfields of Mount Hotham and Falls Creek, boating and fishing on the abundant lakes and rivers that includes Lake Hume, the historic goldfields towns of Yackandandah and Beechworth, as well as the beautiful mountains and forests of the Great Dividing Range. This range is the nation's biggest, and the third longest in the world, that spans some 2,175 miles from Dauan Island off the northern edge of Queensland and runs the complete length of the eastern coastline through New South Wales and into western Victoria.

The city has Monument Hill, where the first World War memorial rests, and offers a great panoramic view of the city. If you are interested in ecology and geology, then the Wonga Wetlands is the place for you , just a wee bit west of the city and next to Murray River, it is one of the key features of their treated wastewater and contains many interesting and exciting lagoons and billabongs. This magnificent ecological retreat houses over 150 species of birdlife alone, and the Aquatic Environment Education Center, where you can learn much about the area's flora and fauna.

The city has a few excellent higher learning institutions that offer libraries and research facilities if you should be more interested in the indigenous species of the plants, animals and peoples that live here, and have lived here in the past before the arrival of the Europeans. The sports venues include football, or soccer, rugby, basketball, hockey, tennis courts, racing events, and women's tennis; with a few cricketers. The city's cultural events are well worth visiting, with a strong local theater scene, jazz concerts, rock music, and more.

Albury has an excellent botanic garden and nature wildlife areas, with museums like the Burke that is a history museum, the Ned Kelly, the Beechworth Art Gallery, the Mansfield Zoo, numerous beautiful gardens, a jungle camp, the Illabo Clock museum, the Junee licorice and chocolate factory, the Junee Roundhouse museum, wineries, hiking areas and trails, biking, fishing, swimming, camping, and swimming areas that are sure to offer you and your family a well rounded vacation in the land down under.