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Aichi is really called a prefecture, which in Japan is a region or province, almost similar to a state in the United States, so each prefecture will have cities and towns located in it, meaning that this region is larger than just a city, and the capital city of the Aichi prefecture is Nagoya. Nagoya, was the original name given to this prefecture, until 1872, when it would be changed to Aichi; and Nagoya is where the government and their offices are located. It is located in the main island of Honshu, and it faces the Ise and Mikawa Bay, with less than 2% of the entire surface area of Japan located here. From 2005 to 2006, it was the fastest growing area in the country, and it contains 37 cities which have the most industrial output in the country, and is known as the center of Japan's aerospace and automotive industries.

Aichi has numerous sports teams, with two in football, but is actually soccer, one in baseball, three in volleyball and one in rugby. Well known sites in the Aichi region include the Meiji Mura open-air architectural museum in Inuyama, that has preserved historic structures from the nation's Meiji and Taisho periods, and includes the rebuilt lobby of Frank Lloyd Wright's old Imperial Hotel that had originally sat in Tokyo from 1923 to 1967. You can tour the Toyota factory in Toyota, the magnificent castles in Inuyama, Nagoya, Toyohashi and Okazaki, and a unique monkey park in Inuyama.

Since the region lies along the eastern coast of the country, there are numerous scenic spots to stop by and enjoy the panoramic views and the natural beauty of this strange and exotic country. The best beaches, and the most accessible are those in the Atsumi Peninsula, with many man-made destinations that pertain to the area's history or modern wonders.

The region of Aichi is home to the Samurai spirit, and the home of the military leaders that would eventually unify the country, after struggling for many years under terrible tyrants and their power. From 1467 to 1568, the medieval Japan countryside would endure a turbulent period of constant civil war that would start the overthrow of those on top by those on the bottom, and fight each other for hegemony. It would take a century before the country could be unified by three masters, known as Ugetsu Monogatari, the seven Samurai and the Shadow Warrior. Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu and Toyotomi Hideyoshi were all born in the Aichi prefecture and had been born as either a minor local chief or the son of a peasant. It would be these three men that would unify the country and bring it into the modern world.