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Agadir Attractions and Things to See

Agadir is one of the biggest and important cities in the southwestern region of Morocco, and capital of the Agadir province, sitting on the Mediterranean Sea in a majestic picture of beauty and serenity. It has become a cultural and fishing center, with a growing attraction for tourism, with five distinctive and interesting museums located in the city area. Agadir has a few universities that help with the local culture and history and contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. These are located just a few miles from the city, and there are a few gardens of interest that will acclimate you to the flora and fauna of the country.

The Agadir Kasbah is an excellent historical site to visit and learn more about the history and heritage of these interesting peoples, that have ridden across the northern sands of Africa for centuries. The city has a marvelous fishing port for those that are interested in trying out the local fishing habitats, with many colorful boats that can take you out for a ride, tour or fishing trip. There are a few spa and massage shops that will introduce you to the fabulous methods used in east, with outstanding fragrances, and materials that will blossom your body and take away all the ailments of traveling and touring.

More should be mentioned about the beautiful beaches that are usually less frequented than those in the states, with long white sandy shores that stretch for miles, and some places have high rolling waves that are great for those that wish to try surfing on the Med. Taghazout Beach is where the first hippies would come in the late sixties, and it is one of the finest surfing areas along the coast. The city is one of the more modern in the region, after getting demolished by an earthquake in 1960, so the hotels, restaurants and other attraction establishments are much more modern than many of the other cities that reside along the Mediterranean. There are a couple of marketplaces here that will sell you anything you can think of, with all the fresh fruits and vegetables you could eat. The fishing is great, growing into one of the best fishing ports in the region, with all sizes and kinds of fish available for you to catch or eat.

The city's Museum of Berber Art is a great place to visit and learn more about the artistry of the country, as well as learning something about their heritage. It is a small folk art museum, compared to some of those in the good old USA, but it does have the unique qualities and artifacts of the region, which we don't have. It showcases carpets, numerous traditional 19th century Moroccan relics and costumes. The Agadir La Valle des Oiseaux is a little zoo, with an exotic collection of birds, ostriches, goats and other animals that will excite the children and bigger kids of the family. There is a huge birdcage that contains a tunnel that you can walk through so you can get the closest views of the ducks, birds, flamingoes and other indigenous birds of the nation. One thing that you will love doing here and that is eating at the many Moroccan or French Moroccan restaurants with a superb cuisine that is like no other on earth, and be sure to check out the ones that don't specifically cater to tourists, so you can taste the real and authentic cuisine that has made this region famous for years.