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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Discount applies to standard time and mileage charges only on cars, sport utility vehicles and passenger vans. Available at participating US locations and subject to vehicle availability. Blackout dates may apply. 24 hour advance reservation required. This discount is not combinable with Corporate Rates, government rates, tour/wholesale rates or with any other promotion or discount offer. Vehicle must be returned to the renting location, except where otherwise permitted. Taxes, surcharges, additional driver fees, and optional items such as refueling and LDW are extra. Local rental and age requirements apply. Locations that rent to drivers under age 25 may impose an age surcharge.

Tips for Disabled Drivers

Terms and Conditions Renting a car online is not a scary as it seems. When you travel, you need to rent a car. You want control over where you can go, when you can go. In this guide, we will explore the secrets to getting good rates and good service. Some hints on getting free upgrades and perks. And some hints of things to avoid and hidden charges to be aware of.

Rates vs. other important factors

Terms and Conditions The single most important part of the rental. You might think so, but is this really true? What good is getting a $29 per day rate vs. $45 per day when the rental company doens't have a close location? Or they are only open from 8am until 5pm? Or if they are rude, or slow, or have unreliable cars? Rates vary from company to company and from city to city. Online rates will look attractive, but when you go to book, the rate might be much higher than the range listed online. TIP #1 - Remember that peak travel times will affect the rate. When traveling over the Christmas week, many customers cannot BELIEVE that the rate almost doubles in some cities and at some agencies. Why is this such a shock to them? That's why it's very important to check rates at various rental car agencies. TIP #2 - Rental prices vary widely according to demand. The more cars on the lot, the more likely you'll get a good deal. This isn't just about avoiding busy metro airports on holiday weekends, it's going against the normal ebb and flow of traffic. Think New York City during the week and Washington D.C. at Thanksgiving. As one co-worker puts it, "No one's really from Washington, so the city empties out at the holidays."

Compare • Compare • Compare

Compare Rental Brands TIP #3 - A weekly rate is JUST THAT! Most agencies will give you a weekly rate without a problem. But when you actually go to rent, the rate comes out higher because of an extra day or even an extra few hours. Make sure you understand that picking up the car at 11am and then dropping it off days later at 3pm will cost you extra than if you drop off at 11am. The 24 hour clock rolls over and you will pay for the additional hours or additional day even though it's only 4 hours difference. Use the online booking engines at your website to help you calculate up the differences based on your needs. Also, ask for total WITH TAX when you call the booking agency. How about convenience? A rental car company like Dollar in Orlando has desk in the terminal, like everyone else, but they have their cars within walking distance. No shuttles to an airport parking lot or an offsite lot. This can save tons of time and make the renting experience much more pleasant. Bus some agencies have an airport surcharge if their cars are on site at the airport. An offsite location may mean a cheaper rate. TIP #4 - Book as early as possible. Cars come - cars go. And rates will go up based on this simple equation. If a convention or special event is announced for a city, and all the cars start getting snapped up 2 months early, you can bet that the price will start to rise as the inventory dwindles. A simple case of supply and demand. Secret #1 - Child safety seats. Many of the minivans and some SUVs being rented now have built in child safety and infant safety seats. ASK for those types of vehicles when you pick up and you won't have to pay for a seat. You can't request a built in car seat at the time of reservation. Otherwise, the seats can run as high as $15 per day in some locations, and that's assuming they have any in stock. If you child is under five years old, most rental car companies will not allow you to leave the lot with out a car seat.

Drivers - Ages - Credit Cards and Cash

Terms and Conditions Most renters will need to be above 25 years of age. Most renters will need a major credit card (not a debit card from your checking account). Alamo will let you use a Visa or Mastercard Debit card but may run a credit check on you. TIP #5 Reserving with Alamo or Dollar DOES NOT require a credit card at the time of reservation. You can find some agencies that will allow 18-25 year old drivers but expect the rates to jump for this situation. Similarly, you might find a smaller agency that will allow a cash deposit but it will probably be on the high side and might cause your rate to jump. Secret #2 - Ask for a second key. Do you ever lose your keys at home? What makes you think you won't do the same with a rental car? Ask for a spare key and have someone else in your party carry it or keep it in your luggage. They won't charge you for it and you'll appreciate the peace of mind. As for using that second key, an extra driver will almost always cost you more and leave you liable if they have an accident. Some companies may put your spouse on for free but be careful and read the fine print for protection of second drivers.

Before Renting and Before Returning

Terms and Conditions Before you leave, check out the car for dents and scratches. You would hate to be charged for something that was there when you started. Point out any problems with the attendant and let them make note of this. It'll keep you from spending unwanted money. And look at a map to figure out where to begin your driving. The workers on the lot know the major roads and can help you get your bearings. Also, make note of landmarks and exits near your pickup location and WRITE THEM DOWN so you can return your car without getting lost. TIP #6 - FILL UP WITH GAS BEFORE RETURNING - and use the cheap stuff!! This is one of the most important tips. If you forget to refill, the price that you will be charged is HIGH HIGH HIGH compared to what it would have cost you to fill it up yourself. Buy it at the local 7-11 or Quiky Mart and put in the cheapest grade there. Some companies offer a refill protection but the average price will still be higher than doing it yourself. Secret #3 - If they are out of the class car you want, ask for a free upgrade. The rate you made the reservation at is all you have committed to paying. If they really want your business (and trust me - they DO!), they will give you the next class car up for the same price. You know, the squeaky wheel and all that. Speak up and you may find yourself with a larger, nicer car for the nicer, smaller price. (This can also happen if they've run out of the small cars.) When you reserve your car, ask the rental company if it charges a drop fee on a one-way trip. Company-owned offices may not charge it. Franchise operators may want a fee to ensure getting the car back. Otherwise, plan your trip to drop your car off where you picked it up.

Terms and ConditionsAccording to online law site, people in the United States spend $1 billion a year on car-rental insurance -- unnecessarily in most cases. That's because you're likely covered by your regular car insurance in the event of an accident. Most of our British customers ask this ALL the time! Funny, most of our American customers don't opt for the insurance. I think it has to do with American insurance and the fact they you may be covered already. Your insurance may cover you for loss damage (LDW), collisions (CDW) and physical damage (PDW). That is probably ONLY in America. When you travel overseas, your coverage probably doesn't cover your rental car. It is never a BAD idea to get the insurance, it is certainly much cheaper if there was an accident, but it can raise your car rate by double depending on the location. If you get into an accident on your trip call the Auto Rental Company immediately to report the accident. In most cases, you will need to file a police report. As soon as you get home, notify your insurance agent of the accident to make sure you have filed all the necessary paperwork. Even if your auto insurance doesn't cover you in rentals (you'll need to check your policy), the credit card you used to rent the car might cover collision costs LDW - (sometimes called CDW) - Stands for Loss Damage Waiver. Protects you from loss or damage to the rental vehicle itself. Coverage may be offered that partially protects you from loss as well. SLI - Stands for supplemental liability insurance. Primary Liability coverage up to pre-determined limits for claims by third parties for bodily injury and property damage. PAI/PEC - Stands for Personal Accident Insurance and Personal Effects Coverage. Sometimes sold together, sometimes separately. PAI covers the holder in the event of accidental death or injury during the rental up to predetermined limits. PEC covers theft or damage, up to predetermined limits, to the personal effects owned by the renter. Theft Protection - Sometimes sold separately then LDW. Protects the renter from the loss of the rental vehicle due to theft. Check with the auto rental company to see if this is included in LDW before purchasing.

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Mobile phone may be a good idea as a kind of insurance in case of breakdown, accident or other problems. Price range is huge and should be checked close to travel date. Avoid usage while driving. In some cases cell-phones are cheaper to use than coin (or credit-card) operated public phones or hotel phones! Check also coverage in your destination. There may be no service in rural areas. It is advisable to prepare in the phone's memory a list of taxi and breakdown service phone numbers. Some taxi companies keep the caller on-line so much time that the call costs more than the taxi ride. Check your exact location (street, building name/number) before calling them.

Alamo Safety Tips - Alamo Safety TipsGet to know the car before leaving the Alamo facility, renters familiarize themselves with the car's safety features such as hazard lights, door locks, headlights, and spare tire. Lock up! Renters should be advised to always lock the doors and keep windows up when driving. Renters should never pick up hitchhikers. Plus, it may be illegal to do so in some areas. Fasten seat belts! That's the best policy. Be sure that the children use child safety seats properly installed and positioned in the back seat in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Older children who do not use child safety seats should also ride in the back seat with their seat belts securely fastened. Out of sight, out of mind. Make sure to always lock all luggage and valuables in the trunk or glove compartment. Park in well-lit areas. Have your renter's park in illuminated lots. Advise them to keep the keys in hand when returning to the parked car, and have them check the back seat before opening the doors. Have them lock the doors as soon as they get in the car. Use common sense. Renters should know that personal belongings are not worth physical harm, so they should not resist in the face of danger. Get directions. Renters can use Alamo's travel center kiosk or a map. They should be advised to only ask for directions from a law enforcement officer or at a well-lit, populated business. They should not pull over to the side of the road to study the map. Avoid short cuts. Renters should stick to main streets and well-lit highways. Call 911! If renters think they are in danger or need help, they should be advised to proceed to a well-lit, populated area and call the police. Emergency services and law enforcement officers are available by calling 911 in most U.S. towns. Car problems? Have renters drive to a well-lit area before stopping. They should call our 24-hour toll-free Roadside Assistance number at 1-800-803-4444. Don't stop! Remind renters that if another motorist tries to tell them that something is wrong with their car, they should not stop until they see a gas station or well-populated area to check the vehicle. And do not have them assist anyone with a disabled car. Advise them to drive to a well-lit area and call the police for them.